Singapore Is The World's Third Safest City On The Safe Cities Index 2021


Ili •  Aug 25, 2021

Singapore may be a small country but its achievements in the past few months say otherwise. Nabbing some of the top spots on this year's list of world's best airports and airlines, this island state adds another impressive title to its name and that's being the third safest city in the world!

This is according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2021 Safe Cities Index (SCI) that ranked 60 countries across five continents based on over 50 qualitative and quantitative indicators across four categories of security: digital, infrastructure, health and personal. Cities like Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta managed to land a spot on the list as well, ranking 32nd and 46th respectively.

P.S Under Singapore's Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL), fully-vaccinated individuals can travel quarantine-free from Germany and Brunei to Singapore and vice-versa!

World's Safest Cities In 2021

1. Copenhagen

From local-led canal tours to lush urban gardens, Copenhagen is one of the world's leading destinations on sustainable urban planning. A title that comes as no surprise seeing as how this Danish capital consistently tops the world liveability lists almost every year.

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2. Toronto

Located less than 2 hours away from New York, Toronto tends to fly under the radar as a holiday destination among travellers. If you ask us, this is a true shame considering how much it has to offer in terms of exciting attractions and even halal food for Muslim travellers!

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3. Singapore

Yummy halal food , world-class attractions, exciting activities - Singapore has everything you need for an awesome getaway with loved ones. Whether you're on a family holiday visiting the Singapore Zoo or on a solo adventure exploring hidden gems, you'll be guaranteed a memorable trip.

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Check out the full list of top 10 safest cities in 2021 below:

1. Copenhagen

2. Toronto

3. Singapore

4. Sydney

5. Tokyo

6. Amsterdam

7. Wellington

8. Hong Kong

8. Melbourne

10. Stockholm

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