Woodlands Sourdough: The Best Artisanal Sourdough In Singapore


Faruq Senin •  Nov 25, 2022

There's just something about bread and pastry that make us happy and somehow or other, they manage to warm our tummies every time. Thanks to the variety of halal bakeries in Singapore, we can satisfy our cravings for bread and pastry whenever we want to. If you're like us and you're always searching for a new halal bakery in town, we've got great news for you! Woodlands Sourdough, one of Singapore's best halal bakeries, is back in business after almost a year of hiatus. If you're a bread lover, you'll definitely be familiar with the bakery! Don't be fooled by its name though - you don't have to travel all the way to Woodlands to get a taste of their yummy treats.

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Once located at Serene Centre in Bukit Timah, Woodlands Sourdough recently set up their new home at Chinatown. Its owners - husband and wife pair Nur and Chalith - took some time off to travel a few years ago but that didn't stop them from improving their craft. As part of their adventures, they discovered bakeries around the world (Norway, Poland, Turkey, Germany and more!) and made bread alongside other bakers too. Go on their Instagram profile to see more!

The star of Woodlands Sourdough is, of course, their sourdough bread! Unlike normal bread, sourdough does not use commercial yeast to rise but instead, it's made in a long fermentation process (usually 6-8 hours) using flour, water and a "sourdough starter". It's not easy to create the perfect starter but Woodlands Sourdough has managed to perfect their recipe by adding whole wheat flour.

The bakery's sourdough is known to have a good crisp on the outside and is soft and fluffy on the inside. It's no wonder that Woodlands Sourdough's customers keep coming back for more! Not to mention that sourdough is becoming popular in recent years as it's healthier than normal bread - its natural fermentation process makes it easier to digest. So, this is definitely the place for you to try it if you haven't!

But even if sourdough is completely new to you, don't worry! Woodlands Sourdough also has a great variety of other yummy bakes which are sure to satisfy your bread and pastry cravings. What's great about Woodlands Sourdough is that they don't have a fixed menu so you can expect to be surprised every day. Currently, you can head over to their Instagram stories to check out what they have as they will update their followers daily.

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Some of the items that you'll regularly see these days are their financiers. For the uninitiated, financiers are small French cakes which are soft and buttery. Take your pick from various flavours like almond, pistachio or other fruit-based financiers - these small treats are sure to leave you thoroughly satisfied. If you're in the mood for something chewy and crunchy instead, their cookies are exceptionally good!

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One thing's for sure, no two days at Woodlands Sourdough will be the same and this gives you even more reasons to keep coming back! So if you take your bread and pastry seriously or know anyone else who does, make sure you SHARE this piece of good news with them and head down to Woodlands Sourdough for a pastry feast.

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price of bakes: $5

Address and opening hours:

  • 183 Upper Thomson Rd, #01-03, Singapore 574332 | Thu-Sun; 8:30AM-4PM
  • 31 Club Street Emerald Garden #01-02, Singapore 069468 | Thu-Sun; 8:30AM-2PM
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