5 Gorgeous, IG-Worthy Waterfalls Near KL To Immerse In Nature


Liyana Aris •  Nov 24, 2021

After hibernating indoors for what felt like forever due to the pandemic, doesn't it feel like your lungs are pleading for outside air? I know mine do. A walk around my neighbourhood or window-shopping at the mall just doesn't cut it anymore for some reason though! Fresh air outdoors is the way to go but instead of going to a local park for a stroll or a jog, how about spicing things up by immersing ourselves in nature and heading to one of the waterfalls near KL?

Check out the links below for other outdoor attractions around KL!

Waterfalls Near KL To Immerse In Nature

1. Chiling Waterfall

Credit: @xplore_malaysia on Instagram

This waterfall is perfect for those craving a bit of action after surrendering to the immobile (but responsible!) lockdown period. The journey to the waterfall includes a one-hour trek, plus you would need to wade across at least five rivers so a splashing wet adventure awaits! It's part of a fish sanctuary so you might be rewarded with sights of swimming fish.

Driving distance from KL: 1 hour 25 minutes

2. Sungai Gabai Waterfall

Credit: @ayueee_ on Instagram

Sungai Gabai Waterfall is a great choice if you prioritize easy access. The first waterfall cascade is already visible beyond the car park, where it flows into a natural clear pool for you to dip yourself into. Alternatively, you can climb up some of the 333 cement steps to get to higher points of the waterfall, with picnic and resting spots adjacent to the ascent.

Driving distance from KL: 1 hour

3. Kanching Waterfall

Credit: @st.cam on Instagram

This SEVEN-tiered (!) waterfall is unsurprisingly the star attraction of Kanching Eco Forest Park. With hiking trails around the area and picnic spots scattered all over, it's a popular recreational spot for Malaysians and tourists alike over the weekends. The scenic location is even a favourite for wedding photoshoots.

Driving distance from KL: 35 minutes

4. Sungai Tekala Waterfall

Credit: @lepakmalaysia on Instagram

Close to the Semenyih Dam, Sungai Tekala is part of the Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest, surrounded by the unspoilt beauty of tropical rainforest.  While Sungai Tekala Waterfall may not be as high as the others on this list, to bathe in its cool, clear pristine water might just be what your soul needs right now. A short 10-minute walk from the car park is all it takes to reach the waterfall.

Driving distance from KL: 55 minutes

5. Perdik Fall

Credit: @ammar.salehan on Instagram

With shallow pools, Perdik Fall in Hulu Langat is known less as a bathing spot and rather more favoured among hikers and camping enthusiasts. An easy hike is required to reach the rewarding beautiful sight of the cascading waterfall. You can even book an abseiling session over the waterfall in advance, making this location ideal for the more-adventurous peeps.

Driving distance from KL: 55 minutes

A fun day out in the open filled with R&R is now waiting for you with these five gorgeous waterfalls near KL to choose from! A couple of reminders: Be mindful of visiting any waterfall after heavy rainfalls as that could make swimming unsafe. Don't forget to clean up your trash before heading home too, as we only have this one planet to take care of!