7 Destinations That’s Only 5 Hours Or Less Flight Time For The Vacay You Deserve


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 25, 2022

From April 1st, there's no need for VTL flights anymore and we think that 2022 might be the year we travel again. While travelling abroad has become less of a hassle now, you might still have some fears of travelling so far ? Especially if you’re travelling with children, the last thing you want is to be stuck in your destination due to a sudden rise in COVID-19  cases or other vacation-ruining factors ? For the first trip out of Singapore for many, you might want to head to a nearby destination for a quick wanderlust fix. We got you covered with a list of destinations that are only 5 hours or less away with few restrictions, for a fun and safe travel experience ?

7 Destinations That's Only 5 Hours Or Less Away By Flight From Singapore

1. Malaysia

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The one destination we Singaporeans have been waiting for is definitely Malaysia. It’s perfect for any type of travel you want: a foodie vacay, romantic getaway, family break, and more! ? What’s even better is that it takes less than an hour (did we mention quarantine-free, by the way?) to reach any of your vacay spots such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka and Ipoh by flight. It's also been announced on 24th March that fully vaccinated travellers will be allowed soon to travel across the land border between Singapore and Malaysia without quarantining or testing, including pre-departure and on-arrival tests, so we can say hello to our weekly Johor and Desaru trips soon! ? Say goodbye to booking an even longer vacation to accommodate your quarantine stay!

2. Indonesia

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Ah, the land of gorgeous beaches, rich culture, scenic nature spots, and scrumptious halal food. There’s no denying that Indonesia is truly a location that has everything any traveller is looking for ? Bali is definitely one of the top destinations Singaporeans love to visit. Perfect for a romantic getaway, or a family vacation, Bali is less than 3 hours away, making it a quick but fun and fulfilling spot for a holiday break ? Bali has started quarantine-free travel for fully vaccinated international travellers including from Singapore! Note that a negative PCR test must be taken before departure and upon arrival. Another PCR test must also be taken on your third day in Indonesia. 

You also need proof of a minimum four-day hotel booking in Bali and a minimum of health insurance (including COVID-19 coverage) cover of US$25,000 (~S$34,000). If you purchase MSIG’s TravelEasy, you’ll get COVID-19 coverage of up to $500,000 medical cover, so your pandemic worries are kept at bay while you enjoy a much-deserved break. It’s been two years since we last travelled so you’ll definitely need to keep yourself protected. Click on this link to learn more about MSIG’s TravelEasy’s extensive COVID-19 coverage.  

3. Vietnam

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Did you know that according to Google Destination Insights, the number of international tourists searching for airlines and tourist accommodations in Vietnam climbed by more than 75% from the beginning of December 2021 to the beginning of January 2022? ? Less than two hours away by flight, Vietnam is a budget destination that packs on a lot of adventure, history, culture and of course, their famed pho and other Muslim-friendly food. According to CAAS, the VTL will restore the two-way quarantine-free travel with Vietnam from 16 March, so now there are more reasons for you to head down there! ?

4. Thailand

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If there are two things we love Thailand for, it’s definitely their pristine beaches and delicious halal Thai food. It’s truly the perfect spot for a much-needed tropical break. The best part is your Thai beach getaway is approximately only 2 hours away by flight, and it's quarantine-free! We compiled all the information you need for your next trip to the Land of Smiles right here. There are so many activities you can try out as well! ?

Whether you decide to snorkel in the clear waters of Phuket or paraglide at Promthep Cape, rest assured that your safety is covered with MSIG’s TravelEasy insurance package. Their adventure activity coverage includes over 20 activities insured! This comes in handy for active individuals that are constantly on the move during their vacation. All you have to do is simply click on this link and check out a list of activities they cover. Hint: it even includes scuba-diving! ?

5. Cambodia

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If you’re looking for a less touristy area, you definitely have to check out underrated Cambodia, less than 3 hours away by flight. It might be small, but it’s significant in what it offers. Look forward to the incredibly rich history and culture, gorgeous temples and parks, relaxing islands, lively night markets and more! ? Not convinced? We prepared a 4D3N itinerary to Siem Reap, which we bet might do just the trick ? When heading to Cambodia, you do need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. While travel insurance isn't necessary, it's definitely recommended! Here’s a little tip: if you click on this link and purchase MSIG’s TravelEasy package, you’ll get 20% off your Single Trip plans and a FREE PCR test that is worth $118 if you choose the Annual plan. This special promotion is ending on 30th April 2022, so click on this link to purchase your insurance just in time for your upcoming holidays

6. Maldives

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White sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, a glow-in-the-dark beach… The Maldives has officially become our new dream destination less than 5 hours away by flight, for a perfect beach getaway for couples and families alike! ? They require a negative COVID-19 test and a signed health declaration form (you can check it out right here), but you can be sure that your safety is placed in good hands.

The Maldives is listed under Category 2 of the Singapore Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 risk classification, which means the island country is seeing lower or similar numbers of COVID-19 cases as Singapore. Furthermore, with over 1,190 islands, most of the nation’s resorts sit on private and uninhabited islands, so all guests stay within private island bubbles, separate from local communities and tourists in other properties. You can simply head to their website for more updates. What are you waiting for? Your paradise awaits! ?

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7. Perth

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With Western Australia finally opening its borders, Perth is definitely a location we’re more than excited to visit, and the best part of it all is that it’s only 4.5 hours away by flight! Beyond their gorgeous beaches, they’ve got beautiful parks, adorable wildlife, adrenaline-pumping activities and delicious Muslim-friendly food at the iconic Fremantle market, and this isn’t the end of the list ? We have many resources for you to check out for your future trip, so simply search up Perth in the HHWT’s website search bar to find what you’re looking for ?

Whether you’re taking a road trip around Perth (the best way to explore the city by the way!), or heading on to enjoy the thrill-seeking activities, you’ll definitely be glad to know that MSIG’s TravelEasy offers up to $7,500 travel inconvenience benefit for your trip protection, which include coverage over medical and travel assistance services as well! ?

It seems like travel is picking up again this year, but it’s definitely not as straightforward as it used to be pre-Covid.Why not start small by visiting destinations that are not too far away from Singapore? ?

The pandemic is still looming over us, so MSIG’s TravelEasy insurance is definitely useful in ensuring that no matter where you are or what bumps you face during your travel, you can rest easy knowing that TravelEasy’s (pun intended) comprehensive coverage, which includes COVID-19 protection, will keep your worries stowed away. You can purchase it online with just one click here! ?

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