Upskill Yourself (Even In Your 50s!) With These Helpful Tips


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 21, 2021

It’s no secret that it’s been rather difficult for Singaporeans to gain jobs or move forward in their careers thanks to Covid-19, among many other reasons. However, where there’s will, there’s always a way. Whether we’re learning to improve ourselves or to apply the skills learned to a job, it’s important that we keep learning! It is never too late to learn new skills and increase our knowledge for employability and of course, for ourselves.

Learn New Skills & Secure Jobs With MENDAKI SENSE


If you’re looking for new ways to upgrade yourself beyond the classrooms of our teens, MENDAKI SENSE’s programme might just be for you.

Their JUMP Campaign (Job Opportunities, Upskilling, Mobility (Career) and Professional Development) has career fairs and is a useful employability platform for anyone who wishes to find careers and training opportunities. JUMP helps any job seeker with employability needs. From fresh grads to professionals in the middle of their careers, being adaptable and upskilling in an environment rife with new technologies is definitely important. 

P.S. They’ve also got SkillsFuture Advice on board, so you can get consultations and personalised assistance to widen your understanding of the job market and required skills needed to upgrade!


Plus, if you’re looking for ways to improve your digital and financial literacy, you’re in luck. MENDAKI SENSE has collaborated with ITE, SalesForce, Union Leaders and MyFinB to run free, virtual workshops! Regardless of age, learning skills such as digital literacy might just help you survive in Singapore, especially since everything is moving to the virtual world! 

Discover more information about JUMP here.

You can also utilise MENDAKI SENSE’s Cari Kerja app to find jobs suitable for you. It’s a convenient app that aids you in searching for jobs efficiently. You’ll find plenty of vacancies, range salaries and the app can help you build your own CV!


While it can’t be denied that educational courses require money, with these financial assistance programmes, fresh grads and professionals alike have a way to learn with subsidized fees. Tap into your PSEA (Post-Secondary Education Account) and SkillsFuture Credit to help you fund your career’s next steps!

P.S. Watch this beautiful video on how Mendaki SENSE can help you!

If you’re in need of more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact MENDAKI SENSE’s advisory hotline at +65 6330 3000 or go to their Facebook page to find more useful information for your future career!

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