The Ultimate Guide To Admiralty Park Playground In Singapore


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 09, 2022

With the weekend so close, you’re probably wondering what fun things you can do that’s free. There’s so many exciting places to see in Singapore especially in nature! One of the many would definitely be Admiralty Park in Singapore. Its fun, it’s FREE, and it’s in nature. ?If you’re not familiar with Admiralty Park’s map, you may be a little confused. So, this is the ultimate guide to Admiralty Park Playground for thrill seekers and adventurers of all ages and we’re including things to do and how to get to admiralty park playground too!

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Admiralty Park 

admiralty park playground

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Admiralty Park has two main attractions: The Playground and The Mangrove Area. Children have a whole playground stretch just for them - with its hilly terrain, Admiralty Park Playground lets you explore the multi-tiered playland filled with slides, burrows, bridges, and more slides! ? Then there’s also a nature area with a mangrove boardwalk that brings you right down to the action. Adults (and slightly older children) have the mangrove trail to look forward to! ?

How to get to Admiralty Park

admiralty park playground slides

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Located beside Republic Polytechnic at Admiralty Park, Admiralty Park Playground is a 15-minute walk away from Woodlands MRT. It’s located within the urban park section of Admiralty Park. ? The park offers exciting play equipment for different age groups that takes advantage of its slopes and hills.

What to do at Admiralty Park Playground

The most exciting and iconic feature of Admiralty Park Playground is its slides. In fact, there are 26 slides at the playground, crowning it the park with the most number of slides in Singapore! ? The first play area is known as the Junior Play area and is located closest to the junction of Woodlands Avenue 5 and Riverside Road. It is best suited for younger children and toddlers because of its large area, leaving plenty of room for running around. 

There are tube and open surfaced slides as well as cargo nets hung around blue tubes meant for climbing up and down the sloped terrain. ? Kids can also use climbing poles and footholds embedded in the slopes to hike up the slopes!

One of the highlights of the Junior area is Singapore's first family slide. It’s actually designed to be wide enough to accommodate up to a family of four sliding down at the same time! ?But don’t worry because the slide is smooth and gentle enough to ensure you won’t go speeding off the slide.

Another area you can explore is called Adenventure Play which has so many exciting things to do! If you’re an adventurous soul, you’ll love this section of the playground. ? Among the attractions here are two long, metallic tube slides that start from the top tier of the terraced slopes. There's so much fun to be had with these Double Barrel Slides which are about 23 metres long and 9 metres tall making it one of the longest and tallest tube slides in a public park in Singapore. 

There’s also a zipline feature that lets you sit on a suspended disk and get pushed around a small circumference. It’s fun and very refreshing considering its at the top of the park where you can see everything down below! 

P.S. Do be careful on the zipline as there are no safety straps or personel manning the area!

Admiralty Park’s Mangrove Trail

admiralty park

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There is more to Admiralty Park north of the playground! ? If you need some peace and quiet after a hectic time at the playground, Admiralty Park's nature area may be just what you're looking for. An important feature of Admiralty Park's nature area is the Sungei Cina River. Over 100 species of plants and animals live in this and the surrounding secondary forest!

How to get to Admiralty Park

By Foot: 15-minute walk from the Woodlands Interchange/MRT. The park is located right beside Republic Polytechnic.

By Bus: From the Woodlands Interchange, take Bus 902, or 169 and drop at the second stop. Bus 902 will drop you off at the bus stop opposite Admiralty Park, while Bus 169 will drop you off directly outside of Republic Polytechnic, where it’s a 3-minute walk to the park.

Come visit Admiralty Park with your loved ones! The playground is HUGE, and everyone regardless of age will be thoroughly entertained at the park. ? If our guide helped you, be sure to SHARE it with your friends and family!