10 Things Only True Football Fans Can Relate To 


Farah Fazanna •  Nov 10, 2022

Supporting a football club can often be heartbreaking and joyful in equal measures. The exhilarating, relentless nature of the game is, without a doubt, one of the key reasons why 3.5 billion people consider themselves to be football fans. If you’re one of them, we’re sure you can relate to these things!

Ever wanted to watch your favourite team play IRL? Well, we've got good news for you! ?

Pepsi Singapore is currently having a Pepsi Football nationwide contest where S$15,000 worth of prizes is up for grabs!

Keep reading to the end to find out more about this contest.

1. You’re a part of a football fantasy league

Credit: @fantasypremierleagues

Hands up if you even set up an alarm to make sure you don’t miss the cut-off time! You also spent hours reading about the players and teams so that you’ll win the week’s matches and pretend you’re their team’s coach. Hey, no one is judging. You do you! ?

2. You schedule your life around the match fixtures

Credit: @mancity

Scheduling a nap before the 2am matches is part of your routine ? You’ll even go as far as clearing out your weekend just to make sure you can enjoy the matches in peace. 

3. You make sure to have your footie snacks and drinks ready

Your football match snacks are separate from your daily snacks. And no one is allowed to touch your stash. Nothing’s better than iced cold Pepsi to pair with crunchy and salty chips! Perfect for a football match! ??

4. You’ll still watch the highlights even when you’ve watched the match

Credit: Attentie Attentie onUnsplash

What’s better than watching your team score the goal? Watching it again! You’ll even read the comments and take note of the players that you’ll choose for your fantasy football league ?

5. Your small talks start with “Did you watch the match last night?”

Credit:Thomas Serer onUnsplash

This works well if you’re talking to a fellow footie fan, but expect to hear crickets if they’re not ? If you’re lucky, they’re also a fan of your team and you can go to great lengths talking about football and its history. 

6. You're checking scores of other matches while watching a match

Credit:Tobias onUnsplash

That’s what the Internet is for, amirite? It’s for research purposes (a.k.a your football fantasy league). It’s also to make sure the other teams don’t overtake the ranking of your team! ?

7. You don’t mind waking up at 3am to watch your favourite team

Credit:Gustavo Ferreira onUnsplash

Waking up at 3am is a nightmare for most people but you won’t even think twice to support your team. You’d probably even put on your team’s jersey cos you believe it brings good luck. Sure… ?

8. Your partner has told you many times to tone down your cheering

Credit: @liverpoolfc

Especially when they’re sleeping and it’s three in the morning and you’d probably wake the whole neighbourhood. Nothing is worst than your team scoring and you can’t even scream in joy.

9. People know not to bother you when you’re watching football

Credit: @manchesterunited

You turn into a different person, TBH. Your eyes would be glued to the TV and your hands on the phone and nothing your wife/husband say will take you away from the match. 

10. You’re nodding your head and laughing to yourself while reading this article

Credit: @liverpoolfc

Cos they are spot on and yes, you are one crazy football fan! Well, what about making your dreams come true? Like getting to watch your favourite team play IRL? Good news! Pepsi is giving away prizes worth S$15,000! ?

Here's how to participate:

It’s super easy to enter the contest too!

STEP 1: Buy any Pepsi products

STEP 2: Scan QR code or Whatsapp PEPSI<space>NAME<space>Receipt NO to 8813 8917 

STEP 3: Submit your details


Grand Prize: 2 winners x travel vouchers worth S$5,000

Consolation Prizes: 50 winners x S$100 cash prize

You can buy Pepsi products from nationwide retailers from super/hyper/minimarkets, convenience stores, and petrol marts that can provide receipts such as Fairprice, Giant, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, Hao Mart and many more!

This is your chance to see your favourite team play! We wish you good luck!

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