Travel To Malaysia Under The VTL Scheme: An SG Muslim Traveler's Quick Guide


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Nov 09, 2021

Good news! Singapore and Malaysia have launched a joint Vaccinated Travel Lane together. You know what this means? Families can be reunited, friends can now meet and we can go shopping again ? Not to mention the delicious Malaysian food we'll get to enjoy after 2 long years. ?

From November 29 2021 onward, travelers will be able to take a flight to travel from Singapore to Malaysia and back without quarantine, and HHWT is here to help you get there. While details are still in the works, this is what we know about how you can land in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) via the VTL from 29 November onward!

Travel From Singapore To Malaysia With The VTL

1. Pre-Departure

To be eligible for the VTL, the first thing you need to do is ensure you have been vaccinated!

To be able to travel via the VTL, you need to:

(1) have been fully vaccinated with approve vaccines,

(2) hold an accepted proof of vaccination, and

(3) have only traveled to/transited via any VTL countries and/or Singapore in the last 14 consecutive days before departing from Singapore.

There are also other conditions such as needing a negative PCR result 72 hours before the scheduled departure, purchasing insurance that will cover you for Covid-19, and more! Do check out the details here. 

2. Heading There

As of right now, we can only travel to KL via flight. To help you along, we've gathered a few flights that will be leaving from Singapore to Malaysia on 29 November.

P.S. Make sure that the flights you've booked to Malaysia are approved VTL flights! Transport Minister S Iswaran has stated that there will be six VTL flights to Malaysia from Singapore. However, it has yet to be announced which airlines will be designated airlines. Make sure to stay tuned to HHWT for updates ?

Head to Singapore Airline's site to catch the soonest flights. Ranging at prices from $150++ to $250++, have your choice of three different timings to Malaysia!

3. In Malaysia

Once in Malaysia, you will have to undergo a COVID-19 swab test! Make sure to book your slot through an online application before arriving in Malaysia.

You will also be required to download the MySejahtera contact tracing application on their phones on arrival in Malaysia.

4. Heading Home

Head home via the VTL with no worries - Singaporeans and Permanent Residents need not apply for the VTL to head back home! Just book your flight, ensure that you're eligible for the VTL and have your vaccination and tests in order, then head back to Singapore

Almost hassle-free, now you can go across the border to enjoy all that we've missed about Malaysia! Share this with a loved one to plan your next trip (finally ?) to Malaysia.