Bangkok's Popular Ratchada Train Night Market Is Reported To Be Permanently Closed


Faruq Senin •  Aug 01, 2021

One of the things that we miss about Bangkok is shopping at its bustling night markets. Due to Covid-19, many local businesses in the tourism sector have suffered losses and some have even had to close down. In the latest news, the famous Train Night Market in Ratchada, Bangkok is said to have closed down. Also known as the Talad Rod Fai Ratchada, the market is popular with tourists for its hipster vintage vibes and affordable items.

Train Night Market Ratchada in Bangkok Reportedly Closes Down

Credit: Train Night Market Ratchada on Facebook

According to Thai language lifestyle site, K@pook!, shopowners at the Train Night Market Ratchada have been asked to move out as the market is expected to be demolished soon. This was based on accounts of several vendors that K@pook! spoke to.

Separately, in a viral Facebook post, the owner of a bar at the Train Night Market Ratchada wrote a Facebook post mentioning that the market is officially closed as the owners cannot bear the financial burden of keeping it open.

If you've been to Bangkok, you might be familiar with the Train Night Market Ratchada as it's nearer to town as compared to the original Train Night Market in Srinakarin. Apart from trendy clothes and yummy food, the market also had a vintage section with antiques and automobiles on display, accompanied by Thai pop tunes.

Market previously temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions

Credit: Train Night Market Ratchada on Facebook

However, there has been no official news from Train Night Market Ratchada's Facebook page. The last update revealed that the market would be temporarily closed from 1-31 July 2021 (or until further notice) due to Covid-19 restrictions. Other popular markets like the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market was also closed from 16-29 July 2021 due to the pandemic. But currently, there's been no news on its reopening.

While we still can't travel now, this news has certainly made us reminisce about travelling to Bangkok. Let's hope that the borders will be open soon and we'll soon be able to shop at our favourite night markets once again ❤️ What's your favourite memory of shopping in Bangkok? Let us know in the comments section!

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