These Are The 5 New Olympic Sports You Should Watch At Tokyo 2020


Cheng Sim •  Jul 23, 2021

Tokyo 2020 is finally here! After a year of postponement due to the pandemic, the world's biggest sporting event returns with heightened safety measures and renewed spirit. Besides supporting your favourite athletes, there are many exciting things to look forward to!

5 new Olympic sports at Tokyo 2020

New Olympic Sports at Tokyo 2020
Credit: Tokyo 2020 on Instagram

Tokyo 2020 returns to Japan from 23 July to 8 August 2021. Athletes from around the world will compete in 46 Olympic sports and 24 Paralympic sports. Besides sports favourites like athletics and diving, there are 5 new Olympic sports at Tokyo 2020 you should check out this year!

1. Surfing

New Olympic Sports at Tokyo 2020
Credit: @sally_fitz on Instagram

Get ready for some surfing action along the Japan's pacific coastlines! Adding youth and vibrancy to Tokyo 2020, the competition will take place at Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach known for its world-class waves and powerful tides. Catch top surfers from the United States, Australia, and Brazil ride the waves where one will ultimately win the first Olympic gold medal for this category.

2. Skateboarding

New Olympic Sports at Tokyo 2020
Credit: @pedrobarrossk8 on Instagram

Skateboarding will be hitting the streets and parks in Japan! Set to take place at Ariake Urban Sports Park near the Athlete's Village in Tokyo, watch closely as these skilled skateboarders navigate the stairs, handrails, curbs, walls and slopes with speed and slick moves!

3. Karate

New Olympic Sports at Tokyo 2020
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A form of martial arts originated from Okinawa, karate is one of the most anticipated Olympic sports among Japanese sports lovers! Accurate strikes and powerful punches are expected throughout the game, but it's all about force in movements and flow in motion. What makes it even more special is that it'll take place at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, known as the spiritual home of Japanese martial arts including judo.

4. Sports climbing 

New Olympic Sports at Tokyo 2020
Credit: @petra_klingler on Instagram

We're excited to see how sports climbing will unfold at Tokyo 2020! Climbers will have to scale up a vertical wall at Aomi Urban Sports Park complete with different hand and foot holds. It requires speed and bouldering techniques, but lead will set the difference as athletes would need to climb as high as 15 meter in height within 6 minutes.

5. Baseball

New Olympic Sports at Tokyo 2020

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Baseball was last contested at Beijing 2008, but reinstated in Tokyo 2020! Set to take place at Yokohama Baseball Stadium and Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium, the Japanese team is a favourite to win but they would have to beat past Olympic champions like the Republic of Korea (Beijing 2008), Cuba (Athens 2004), and the United States (Sydney 2000) for the home run.

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