Tokyo Olympic 2020: Take An Inside Look At The Athletes' Village


Ili •  Jul 02, 2021

We're less than a month away from Tokyo 2020! The world's biggest sporting event has made its way back to Japan after last year's postponement due to Covid-19. While the energy and hype surrounding it feels vastly different this time around compared to its prior years, the Tokyo 2020 committee continues to make efforts in stoking the buzz of the event. Just last week, they revealed the newly built Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Village in Harumi, Chuo!

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The village is divided into three different areas:

  • The Residential Zone - Where athletes will reside during the Games.
  • The Operational Zone - Houses the main functions required for the operations of the village.
  • The Village Plaza - Facility supporting the daily needs of the athletes which includes a cafe, a store, media centre and more.

There are 3,800 units in the residential buildings with 18,000 beds for Olympic athletes and 8,000 beds for Paralympic athletes. All rooms are equipped with single beds and mattresses, windows, blackout curtains and closets. One of the cool things about the accommodation are the bed frames which are made of recycled cardboard!

Take a closer look at how the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village will run throughout the event:

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