From The Professionals: These 5 Easy Tips Will Help Your Cycling In Singapore More Enjoyable


Tiara •  Sep 23, 2021

What cycling does to your body?

Cycling in Singapore is now a lifestyle rather than a trend. With more people comprehend the benefit of physical activities, Singaporeans take cycling as one of their favorite exercises to do.

Cycling itself is an aerobic activity that gets your heart, lungs, and blood vessels work out. A regular schedule of cycling can improve those organs hence reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cycling also improves body strength, balance, and coordination, that's why the more you cycling, the easier it gets.

However, cycling has its own ups and downs. From aching joints to humid weather, cycling in Singapore is challenging, especially for those who just start to enjoy this exercise. Don't let the inconvenience of cycling get in the way of your intention to be more active. Follow these useful tips to keep your cycling journey going smoothly and comfortably.

Tips for cycling in Singapore

We are taking the advice from Tak Wai Cheong, a veteran cyclist with years of experience. According to his interview with this source, these are some notes you need to live by when it comes to cycling in Singapore, whether you are an experienced or an amateur cyclist.

Plan the route

A spontaneous ride is great, it adds an adventure aspect to your ride. However, you still need to know the area you are going to pass. Navigating aimlessly is not only tiring but also dangerous, especially if you are cycling alone. Don't forget to add some checkpoints where toilets and shops are available just in case you need it.

Warming up

The last thing you wanna do is skip this part. It's way too important to be forgotten because, surprisingly, cycling involved every part of your body. While most people focus on the leg during warm-up, you must stretch your neck, hands, arms, and waist to prevent cramps or any other inconvenience. Do not hesitate to take a break and stretch out for a bit every time you feel your body needs it.

Be well prepared

Pack light is good, but pack right can save you from further inconvenience. Besides bottled water and a protein bar to fuel up, you might wanna pack a set of the mini tool kits and a first aid kit. We're not expecting to use this stuff, but better be safe than sorry!

Choose the right outfit

Ever wonder why cycling outfits are in bright colors? Well, that's because it's safer to do it that way. Cyclists need to be visible to other drivers, especially when cycling at night. Besides the choice of colors, make sure you are equipped with safety wearables such as padded gloves for a better grip on the handlebar.

Find the best position

Do you know that cycling is not supposed to be hurt your bottom?  A simple adjustment can ease your pain a lot, but the most important thing is to try the seat before you headed out. Try the size, the direction, and the height, so the pressure won't hurt you as much during your ride.

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