Here Are 6 Tiktok Recipes Every Foodie Must Try


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Aug 03, 2021

This one's for our foodies ? With many of us stuck working from home due to Covid-19 regulations, the usual takeaways or deliveries might slowly become a bore - especially if we only have a limited amount of eateries in the area. Fortunately for us, whether it's simple air fryer recipes to complicated cake recipes, Tiktok's got us covered! Tiktok's home to a countless amount of recipes, all of which are just waiting for us to try them out. The best part? They don't always take too long! So they're perfect for your lunch breaks or quick snacks ?

6 Tiktok Recipes For The Tiktok Foodie!

1. Fried Udon by @somuchfordiet

If you're looking for a full meal during your lunch break, why not try @somuchfordiet's savoury Fried Udon recipe? It's a mix of Japanese and Singaporean palates that you won't soon forget. It's really quick to make, too! All you need is udon, veggies, chicken, mushroom, eggs and spices! More on how to cook it down at @somuchfordiet's page.

P.S. Here's another tasty, Japanese-style recipe to get your tummy growling!

2. Mayo Ramen by @Cheriezeng

In this simple twist on supper meals, @Cheriezeng shows us how to make delectable Mayo ramen - all with instant noodles, some eggs, mayo, garlic, and the instant noodle's very own seasoning packet!

All you have to do is make your instant ramen as per usual, then pour it into your egg-mayo-garlic mixture: and you're done! You may also wish to top it off with some seaweed and spring onions, just to add in some extra flavours. Watch @Cheriezeng make Mayo Ramen here!

P.S. Craving for rice instead? We've got you covered!

3. Bombolinis by @Rumadiiii

This one might take a little more time, but it'll nonetheless be worth it! We promise. This Italian dessert is a must try when it comes to all things foodie, and with the way Rumadiiii made them? You'll regret not trying it out! ? @Rumadiiii even makes them with different fillings: hazelnut, matcha and lemon cream, so there's an option for everyone.

Credit: are you gonna eat that on Flickr

Watch his almost cinematic video on how to make this scrumptious dessert here. His videos are so good you'll feel like you're in an actual cafe! Oh, and here's a #HHWTTip: @Rumadiiii posted this recipe in his comment section ?

P.S. Looking for a hearty chicken rice meal?

4."Ain't Nobody Got Time'' Egg Tarts by @bakereeve

A classic of Asian pastries, broken down into simple steps and ingredients for anyone to enjoy! Bakerevee shows in her tiktok video how you can quickly make egg tarts in almost no time at all. They're good for popping into your mouth as you slave away at your laptop, or just to enjoy with a cup of your favourite drink at the end of the day.

5. Potato Cheese Balls by @Indu_Indriaty

Where are our cheese lovers?!?? If you love all things potato or cheese, you're going to want to try this out. Whether you eat them as a snack or as a side to a main dish, @indu_indriaty's potato cheese balls won't disappoint. With only few ingredients and a really easy way to make them, these potato cheese balls are bound to leave you feeling satisfied and full.

P.S. Here's a dessert recipe you'll definitely enjoy!

6. Caramel Pudding by @Rumadiiii

Here's another one by @Rumadiiii! If you're craving for something sweet, try @Rumadiiii's recipe for caramel pudding. All cooked in one go, this one's easy and any beginner can do it at home. @Rumadiiii even makes a plating mistake at the end of it to show that nothing has to be perfect for it to be undoubtedly delicious ?

Tiktok is definitely the new go-to for easy and delicious home-made recipes, these are just a few of the best ones we've yet to try out!

P.S. If you do try a tiktok recipe out, film it and hashtag #havehalalwilltiktok for a chance to be featured! ?