7 Things We Miss About Tokyo - Fresh Sushi, Theme Parks And More!


Ili •  Jul 23, 2021

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games officially begins today! It's been a long road filled with hurdles due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the day has finally arrived. With no international spectators allowed to attend this year, many are feeling bummed out about not only missing one of the world's biggest sporting event, but also the chance to explore the capital city of Japan. So as we watch the event unfold from the comfort of our homes, we'll be thinking about all the things we miss about the vibrant metropolis that is Tokyo.

P.S. Take a closer look at how Tokyo 2020 will look like!

Admiring the gorgeous cherry blossoms

Tokyo is a destination that’s perfect to visit year-round, with plenty of seasonal sights to keep you occupied. Each season brings its own unique character to the city that leaves visitors with a dazzling set of memories to last a lifetime. If we had to choose our favourite, it would be springtime because of Tokyo's gorgeous cherry blossoms! Autumn is a close second thanks to its scenic foliage and cooler temperature.

Enjoying an authentic, slurp-worthy bowl of ramen

When it comes to halal food in Japan, almost nothing beats an authentic bowl of savoury ramen and our minds (or more accurately our stomachs) constantly drift back to the one and only Ayam-YA's rich and flavourful ramen.

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Sinking our teeth into juicy halal yakiniku 

Of course, there's no forgetting Yakiniku Panga's juicy barbecued meat! Just thinking about their well marinated beef tenderloin that's been grilled to medium rare perfection is already making our mouths drool.

Tucking into the freshest sushi in town

Credit: Faizzuddeen Anu on Facebook 

Now, you didn't think we'd leave sushi out of the picture, did you? That's right - no trip to Tokyo would be complete without getting a taste of fresh, halal sushi and if you ask us, we'd point you in the direction of Sushiken where every dish is made only with the finest ingredients and the freshest seafood.

P.S. Malaysian friends, you can get your sushi fill at these halal sushi places in Klang Valley! For those in Singapore, we've got you covered with this list of halal sushi spots?

Hitting the rides at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Credit: Eugune Phoen on Flickr

To relive one of our best moments in Tokyo would mean taking a trip to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. From thrilling rides, spectacular parades and adorable merchandise, we can't wait till we get the chance to step foot into either one of these theme parks again.

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Crossing the iconic Shibuya Crossing

While big crowds and waiting in line aren't something we get excited about when travelling, diving right into the hectic hustle and bustle of Shibuya at the famous Shibuya crossing is an exception! For those who would rather experience it from a distance, you can actually watch the crossing from the Shibuya Tsutuya Starbucks. Alternatively, if you're willing to pay a small fee of 1,000 yen you can try out the brand-new vantage point at the top of Mag's Park building.

Getting an aerial view of the city at Tokyo Skytree

Anytime you get a chance to see an aerial view of the city you're travelling to, we say take it! In Tokyo, the perfect place to do so is at Tokyo Skytree. It's one of the most iconic attractions for visitors that it even has its own Tokyo metro line. For the best views of Tokyo skyline, get yourself to the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria. Admission fees to both platforms vary according to the day of the week and age of the visitor, and international visitors have a Fast Skytree Ticket option that will allow you to skip the queues going up to the main observation deck. Just remember to bring your passport along to get the discount.

P.S. On a clear day you might even be able to spot Mount Fuji in the distance!

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It'll be a while until we make a return to Tokyo - so in the meantime, we'll be daydreaming about this charming city and making travel plans for our future adventure ❤️