8 Essential Things To Bring On Your Staycation That'll Make It More Fun


Faruq Senin •  Aug 29, 2021

With international travel still on hold at the moment, the closest you can get to having a getaway in Singapore is by having a staycation. Besides rediscovering Singapore, having a staycation is also a great way to recharge and pamper yourself. That's why we've rounded this list of 8 essential things you need to bring for your staycation in Singapore to elevate your experience and make it more fun. Whether you're planning a staycation with family or friends, don't forget to bring these items!

Things to bring for your hotel staycation in Singapore

1. Bath salts/bubble bar/bath bombs

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Nothing is more relaxing than having a good soak in the bathtub while on staycation. To help you out with that, you'll want to get some bath salts, bubble bars or bath bombs! Bubble bars and bath bombs are perfect for that thick foam and bubbles in your tub while bath salts will pamper your skin and make you feel relaxed. Check out these shops to get your bath essentials:

2. Beauty face masks

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Feeling stressed out, tired or do you feel like your skin is dehydrated? Why not pack some beauty face masks into your suitcase too? While you might not always have the time to indulge in some skincare routine, having a little bit of extra time on your staycation would help you achieve that. Here are some places to get your beauty face masks from:

3. Card games

You can never go wrong with card games for some bonding time with your loved ones while on staycation! If you've spent so much on your hotel room, most likely you'd want to maximise your time spent in the room and playing card games are a great way to pass time. If you're looking for something different besides the usual Monopoly Deal, UNO, Snap or Old Maid, there are other more exciting ones like Saboteur, Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, The Singaporean Dream and more! Head over to these sites to get your card games:

4. Swimwear

Other than booking hotels with bathtubs for your staycation, planning a staycation at a hotel with a nice swimming pool is also important, especially if you're with kids. If you're planning to have some fun at your hotel's swimming pool, don't forget to pack your swimwear! For modest or Muslimah swimwear, check out our guide on the best modest swimwear here. Or else, you can also check out these sites:

5. Pool floats

Having a staycation with the kids and you want to keep things exciting for them? Bring some inflatable pool floats to have a fun time with your loved ones! Whether it's a simple float for your kids or a huge unicorn float for something fancier, you can find plenty of designs online. Check out these sites to get your floaties:

6. Reading materials

Sometimes, all you need is just alone time - just you and your thoughts. And a staycation allows you to do just that. If you need that me-time to recharge, don't forget to bring some reading materials along with you!

7. Hand sanitisers and extra masks

With Covid-19, bringing hand sanitisers and extra face masks are more important than ever! Most hotels in Singapore would provide you with these two items but it's always good to take precautions and bring more of them, just in case.

8. Water bottle

If there's one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it's that we should strive to be more sustainable and protect our environment. Hence, instead of consuming bottled water, why not bring your own water bottle along on your staycation? Plus, there are also a number of hotels that are going green and don't provide bottled water to guests. If you want to invest in a good water bottle, check out these sites:

Going on a staycation soon? Make sure you pack these 8 essential items into your suitcase! Let us know what else is essential for a staycation! Check out these other related articles: