5 Amusing Things Every Cat Parent Can Relate To


Ili •  Sep 09, 2021

There is nothing quite like owning a pet of your own, namely a cat! From the joy they bring when they choose to sit in your lap to the seemingly endless amount of fur shed, let’s just say it’s never a dull moment when it comes to our feline friends at home. If you have the privilege of owning a cat (or more precisely, having a cat own you ?), these are just some of the things only a cat parent can relate to. 

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1. Your cat generously leaves fur everywhere

In the beginning, removing all traces of cat fur from everything around the house like your sofa, carpet and bedding was a round-the-clock task. Virtually any dark coloured surface that showed evidence of shedding, you were right there with a lint roller or vacuum in hand. Even the clothes you’re wearing aren’t free from a cat hair or two. But at some point, you stopped caring too much and actually find it endearing that no matter where you go - whether it’s a quick trip to the store or jog in the park - the fur on your sleeves is a reminder of the beloved cat waiting for you at home.

2. They have an affinity for knocking items off surface edges 

If there’s one habit you’ve acquired from being a cat parent, it’s that you do your best to not place anything anywhere near the edges of tables and countertops. This is because cats love knocking things over and yours isn’t an exception! There’s just something about seeing corners and items perched precariously on the edge that inspires their naughty nature and more often than not you’ll find yourself having to clean a big mess shortly after.

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3. You spend more time than you’d like to admit finding food your cat enjoys

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4. Wherever you turn, your cat is always there 

Whether you’re in the kitchen cooking up a meal, working at your desk or watching television, your cat has a tendency to follow you around the house. Half the time they simply want your company and the other half is usually a sign that they need something from you! 

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5. You wear cat scratches as your battle scars

Playing with your cat is typically a fun time but when they get overly excited, you sometimes end up with scratches on your hands, legs or both thanks to their sharp claws. The little nicks and wounds you’ve collected can take a while to heal and although you receive a mixed bag of reactions from it, you’re not too concerned about how they look. If anything, it almost feels like a mark of initiation as an official cat parent ?

Being a cat parent certainly isn’t for everyone. Their little quirks and traits can be a handful but they’re the things that make cats special and you wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️

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