Singapore Ranked #11, Here's The List Of The World's Most Instagramable Cities 2021 (They're Close To Home!)


Tiara •  Sep 02, 2021

Looking for Instagram-worthy places in Singapore?

Instagram-worthy places are indeed a necessity in travel nowadays. Even if you can travel far right now, these places will give you a memory to capture and reminisce forever.

You might be thinking of Paris, Maldives, or any other faraway country when it comes to Instagram-worthy places. On the contrary, some of the world's most Instagramable places are closer to home than you imagine!

In an announcement released earlier this year, Big Seven Travel stated that Singapore ranked number 11 in the world's most Instagram-worthy places! Not only that, our neighboring cities, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta also made it into the list.

Here are some inspirations for you to create a bucket list of an unforgettable and Insta-worthy trip in the future!


From the iconic Jewel to sophisticated Supertree Grove, we often overlooked the aesthetic sights of our own home. Listed in the 11th, Singapore is one of Asia's art hubs.

All you gotta do is stroll around the neighborhood, such as Little India, Marina Bay, and Kampong Gelam to find a perfect spot to capture your memory.


Some people might not think of Jakarta as an Instagram-worthy place because of the capital's traffic jams. But if you look carefully, there's beauty in all that mess.

Head to Jakarta's Chinatown Glodok for a unique atmosphere in Petak Enam while trying some of the local halal food around. The best part of it is that some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Jakarta you can visit for free. No wonder that this city sits in the 27th rank on the list.

Kuala Lumpur

More than just the capital city next door, Kuala Lumpus is named as the world's 34th most Instagram-worthy place. It only takes one city to provide you with all the scenery you might need for an aesthetic photo.

Head to lush KL Forest Park for a nature-themed photo session, surrounded by greenery and fresh air. Or go for a vibrant theme and a fun day out with the glorious colors of the Batu Caves. You can also stop by some of the halal cafes in KL that are not only pretty but also serving great food and coffee!

This ranking is determined based on the number of hashtags on Instagram as well as the results of surveys and internal assessments. Tokyo is the most Instagramable city in the world, while Athena squeezed in the last position.

These cities can be a start for your Instagramable trip around the world. Here is the rest of the list of the world's most Instagramable cities you must visit one day!

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Filipina

3. Paris, France

4. New York, USA

5. Istanbul, Turkey

6. Dubai, UAE

7. Havana, Cuba

8. Sydney, Australia

9. London, United Kingdom

10. Chicago, USA

11. Singapore

12. Madrid, Spain

13. Berlin, Germany

14. Toronto, Canada

15. Hong Kong

16. Santorini, Greece

17. Taipei, Taiwan

18. Milan, Italy

19. Moscow, Russia

20. Amsterdam, Netherland

21. Prague, Czech Republic

22. Bogota, Colombia

23. San Francisco, USA

24. Las Vegas, USA

25. Vancouver, Canada

26. Stockholm, Sweden

27. Jakarta, Indonesia

28. Buenos Aires, Argentina

29. Sao Paulo, Brazil

30. Vienna, Austria

31. Seattle, USA

32. Budapest, Hungary

33. Seoul, South Korea

34. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

35. Dublin, Ireland

36. Lisbon, Portugal

37. Minsk, Belarussia

38. Warsawa, Poland

39. Yerevan, Armenia

40. Marrakesh, Morocco

41. Hoi An, Vietnam

42. Bruges, Belgium

43. Nice, France

44. Tallinn, Estonia

45. Cape Town, South Africa

46. Sofia, Bulgaria

47. Helsinki, Finland

48. Phuket, Thailand

49. Baku, Azerbaijan

50. Athena, Greece

The United States accounts for ten percent of the list with Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago as Instagramable destinations.

Some of the cities and countries in the list above can be the inspiration for your next vacation. Who would have thought that a small or not too popular town turned out to have a beauty that deserves to be captured in photos?

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