The White Label: This Halal French Fusion Cafe In SG Should Be Your Next IG-Worthy Brunch Spot


Ili •  Sep 10, 2021

Located next to Singapore’s Masjid Sultan in the heart of Kampong Gelam, The White Label is a Muslim-owned eatery known for their halal French-Malayan cuisine. With plenty of must-try signatures including smoked duck spaghetti and squid ink spaghetti, this is the perfect spot for you to try halal French dishes with a local twist!

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Now, get ready to know all about The White Label, their must-try dishes and an awesome promo that you won’t want to miss ? 

Feast on halal French-fusion cuisine at The White Label 

The founders of The White Label noticed a lack of halal French cuisine in Singapore, so they decided to put their own spin on it by infusing French cuisine with local flavours. Making their debut in December 2020, the cafe has become the go-to place for weekend brunches and meet-ups ever since they opened their doors to foodies in Singapore.

Not only is it a popular place for fans of brunch, but the cafe also makes for an Instagram-worthy hangout spot! With white marble tables and beautiful light fixtures, The White Label is a dream for anyone who loves and appreciates a minimalist aesthetic. 

While you can’t go wrong with any of the items off their menu, one of the must-try dishes is the signature Fusion Pasta which include dishes like Squid Ink Spaghetti featuring their in-house fragrant ‘Sotong Masak Hitam’ sauce. The sauce is made with fresh squid ink and infused with spices including lemongrass, shallots, and chilli for a local twist. Topped with mussels, prawns and finished Monte Au Beurre-style for a creamy and butter aftertaste - this is one dish that will delight all seafood lovers!

If you’re swinging by in the morning, their breakfast platter of juicy sausages, crispy potato tatters, fresh baked sourdough and more will perfectly fill up your stomach. Then, end your meal on a sweet note with a slice (or two) of their ondeh ondeh gateau.

For something extra special, how about treating yourself to halal Short Ribs Bourguignon? This French beef stew is traditionally braised in red wine but at The White Label, you can enjoy the halal version that comes with a homemade sweet and spicy sauce ?

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Sounds awesome? Grab your family and friends and head on over to The White Label for a satisfying and delicious meal. Don’t forget to download our FREE Have You Met Kampong Gelam trail to get awesome discounts and secret menus from selected eateries in Kampong Gelam!