The Original Vadai in Singapore Now Offers Delivery (Including 1-Hour Same Day Delivery!)


Syahirah •  Jun 30, 2022

As customers, we love two things - convenience and a good deal. ? We’d even go as far as to pay delivery fees to avoid having to go out! Even so, we’d hope to receive as many perks as possible for our purchase. If that sounds like you and you wish you didn't have to brave the crowds to get your vadai fix, you’ll be glad to know that The Original Vadai store is launching their new website where you can place an order for vadai to be delivered right to you! And is implementing a points and rewards system to make your vadai shopping experience worth every dollar! ?

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Credit: The Original Vadai

The Original Vadai used to take delivery orders through a google document, but they’re progressing fast to meet consumer demands and enhance the user experience! You can now simply place orders through The Original Vadai’s website, with pictures as reference so you know what you’re about to order - we eat with our eyes first after all! ?  

The best part about ordering via their website is that you can opt for same day delivery and receive your delicious and hot vadai within an hour of ordering, which means you can have it fresh everytime (the delivery fee will depend on the distance). And if you’re planning to order in advance, now you can for a delivery fee of $10. 

Here’s where customers who love a good deal can get their money’s worth! ? The Original Vadai’s rewards system lets you receive 10 points for every $1 spent. So if you’re a fan and often purchase their fried goodies, it won’t be long before you can choose to offset $5 once you accumulate 1000 points. To enjoy these rewards, sign up by creating an account on The Original Vadai’s website and you can claim these points regardless of if you purchased online or at the physical store!

Credit: The Original Vadai

While you’re looking through The Original Vadai’s website, don’t forget to try their Vadai Masala, a more traditional vadai from India, made with dhal lentils with a blend of 13 different Indian spices. ? Another must-try is their Crispy Chicken Skin that has been deep-fried to perfection - a great snack for the midday munchies! 

Feeling a bit peckish in the late afternoon? Order in for your family (or even your office buddies) and share the love for traditional Vadai and fried finger foods with everyone. ? It’s more convenient now and the more you order, the more you’ll be rewarded! Don’t forget to SHARE this with your vadai-loving friends and family!

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