Are You Squid Game Enough to try out The Malayan Council's Newly Special Edition Food Items?


Farhana Husin •  Sep 27, 2021

This article about The Malayan's Council special edition menu is written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Farhana Ayu 

Are You Squid Game Enough to try out The Malayan Council's Newly Special Edition Food Items?

TMC - Talk Makan Chill, that is exactly what we did at The Malayan Council, 71 Bussorah Street before the 2 pax dine-in restrictions kicked in on 27 September.

September is the month where we will get together as a family to celebrate my Brother's birthday & mine, but, due to the 5 pax dine-in restrictions, we decided to ditch our Kiddos & just have Adults only dine out celebration!

Photo: Smoked Duck Lemak Cili Padi

We used to frequent The Malayan Council for their best-selling Smoked Duck Lemak Cili Padi Pasta, Sticky Crunchy Baby Squid, Angus Ribeye Masak Merah & also their infamous Cakes!! This time around, we got to know TMC at 71 Bussorah recently introduced 3 new special edition food items which are Sotong Hitam Linguine, Nasi Daging Utara & Banoffee Tart which we made plans hoping to try.

Photo: New Item, Sotong Hitam Linguine (Photo Credit by The Malayan Council)

Unfortunately, we did not get to try their Sotong Hitam Linguine as it was Sold Out for the day, but thankfully, we get to try their Nasi Daging Utara which we unanimously voted to be a strong competitor against their other Rice Dishes of Ayam Panggang Kerabu & Angus Ribeye Masak Merah.

Photo: Angus Ribeye Masak Merah w Truffle Fries

What makes it a strong competitor is its New Zealand Angus Beef Ribs which is amazingly soft & tender, and definitely not that type of meat where you get tired from chewing till your jaws & teeth hurt! The rice is worth a mention too as it is similar to Briyani Dum where there are tender meat chunks in the rice which adds to a more flavourful bite & goes well with the tender Beef Ribs.

Photo: Sticky Crunchy Baby Squid

You can never skip on the Starters at TMC especially their Sticky Crunchy Baby Squid as the CRUNCH is so addictive on every bite that it's hard to move on to the Mains without finishing them off first! And as most of you already know, The Malayan Council being ever generous never seems to fail to provide complimentary starters which we love their finger-licking good Malayan Wings marinated with Kicap Chilli Padi.

Wait, wait... Not only will you get their complimentary starters, but they also serve complimentary Birthday cake slices with a single scoop of ice cream when you dine with them on your Birthday month & returning vouchers too!! What's not to love dining at The Malayan Council right? We always keep returning to TMC for more & also feel welcomed by their friendly & helpful crew too!

Photo: New Item, Banoffee Tart (Photo Credits to The Malayan Council)

Note: The new food items of Sotong Hitam Linguine & Nasi Daging Utara are available only at 71 Bussorah Street outlet and do check with their friendly crew on the availability. Banoffee Tart which is a buttery crispy tart with fresh banana filling and chewy toffee texture is available at all outlets.

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