The Fullerton Singapore Listed In The Top 100 Hotels In The World 2021, Here's The Competitors


Tiara •  Sep 09, 2021

What's the world's best hotel?

Although we cannot travel right now, the travel and tourism industry keeps moving to serve those who are capable. In return, the hospitality industry remains to give their best service, including the hotels around the world.

Despite the absence of many travelers, these best hotels in the world still managed to do their best and are worth be included in your bucket list. The good news is, one of the world's best hotels is closer to home than ever!

World's best hotel in Singapore

Credit: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore made it to the list on the 77th position. This 400-rooms hotel was once the city's post office and located within the walking distance of the countries main attractions. The grand design of the building alone is a sweet sight for a walk.

One of the best things you can do while staying in this hotel is enjoying the sunset over the Singapore River while chilling in the huge swimming pool. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has become the only hotel from Singapore that made it into the list.

Now you can stay in one of the top 100 world's best hotels without having to fly overseas!

World's best hotel nearby

Credit: Capella Ubud

Move a little bit from home, you can also find some of the world's best hotels in 2021 in Indonesia. Last year's winner, The Capella Ubud, slips to the 5th position this year while Alila Manggis Bali made it to the 20th. Another Bali hotel listed at number 80 is the Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

If you look forward to other destinations than Bali, you can head to Sumba Island and start at Nihi Sumba, which is on the 36th position in the list.

World's best hotel 2021

Credit: Mahali Mzuri

A sweet surprise came from the Afrika. Mahali Mzuri safari camp in Masai Mara, Kenya crowned as the perfect accommodation and sits at the top of the list this year.

This establishment lays in the middle of the vast Masai Mara, where the wildlife remains freely in the surrounding landscape. The guides will share all the knowledge with you during your safari. The excellent hospitality resembles the name Mahali Mzuri which means 'a beautiful place' in Swahili.

This year's awards were voted from January to May 2021 as the countries started to reopen and lifting the Covid-19 restrictions. From the Caribbean to South East Asia and Africa, the winners offer distinctive experiences during the stay.

These hotels have so much to offer. From city skyscrapers, luxurious glamping, seaside villas, and resorts, they know how to give the best experience for each guest. But above all, the over-the-top hospitality, premier facilities, location, as well as food and service add up the value thus crowns them as the best ones in the world.

Find the full list and detail of the hotel on this page!

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