These 5 Gorgeous Sunset Spots In Seoul Are Making Us Miss Korea A Lot


Ukasya •  Aug 07, 2021

Though it might take a while before we see a Korea travel bubble with Singapore or Malaysia, we can't help but reminisce our travels to the beautiful country. South Korea's capital city, Seoul has plenty of awesome attractions and things to do. Our Tribes by HHWT member, Ukasya is a Malaysian postgraduate student in Seoul and a Korea Tourism ambassador. She shares with us several gorgeous sunset spots in Seoul which are making us miss Korea a lot ?

Sunset spots in Seoul

1. Baekbeom Square (백범 광장)

Credit: Ukasya 

☀️ Anyone who's watched the K-drama Itaewon Class must be familiar with this place! Located right below Namsan and with stonewalls, this is one of the locals' favourite spots.

?Direction: Bus No. 2 or 4 from Namsan Seoul Tower. Stop at Seoul Education Research & Information Institute (교육연구정보원)

2. Nodeul Island (노들섬)

Credit: Ukasya 

☀️ Despite being the shooting location for the famous K-drama Start-up, this is also one of the most famous spots for family, friends, and lovers to spend their evening. Spot the “I Seoul U” sign here!

Credit: Ukasya 

☀️ Before arriving at Nodeul Island, you’ll need to cross the Hanggang Bridge. This bridge is called the “Bridge of Life” where you can spot a beautiful message along the bridge to prevent suicides.

?Direction: Subway Nodeul Station exit 2 (Walk 10 mins)

3. Hanggang Park

Credit: Ukasya 

☀️ There are 11 Han River Parks in Seoul, and you can enjoy a sunset from all parks. For this post, I’ll include:

?Ichon Han river park

Direction: Subway Ichon Station, exit 4 (Walk straight for about 800 meters)

?Yeoido Han river park

Direction: Yeouinaru Subway Station, exit 2 or 3

Credit: Ukasya 

4. Oksu-dong Dalmaji Park

Credit: Ukasya 

☀️ This is the place for weekenders to spend time exercising and resting.

Credit: Ukasya 

Dalmaji Park, which means “moon welcoming park,” got its name for being one of the best places in Seoul to enjoy the sight of the moon.

?Direction: Subway Oksu Station Exit 4 (need to hike stairs for 5-6 minutes)

5. Namsan Seoul Tower: Namsan Dulle-gil

☀️ I’m pretty sure a lot of you are familiar with this place. For me, since my university is located right next to Namsan, this is my go-to place to see the sunset.

?Direction: Seoul Bus Bus No 2 and 4 stop at Namsan Seoul Tower

For more travel tips on Seoul and regional tourism in Korea, follow Ukasya's Instagram.

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