Medical Grad Turned Baker Owns A Successful Malaysian Bakery, Sells IG-Worthy Cookies


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 08, 2021

Since she was fifteen, Riesha Dalene has started baking frequently and selling her baked goods to her friends in school. She continues to do so during her undergraduate studies in a medical school. Her success in the baking business eventually helped her pay her medical school fees. But instead of pursuing the career she studied for, she is now the owner of SugaRie, one of the most popular bakeries in Malaysia!

Her 'SugaRie' Cookies Are IG-Worthy & Gooey

Credit: @ririxrazi on Instagram / Free Malaysia Today

According to Free Malaysia Today, she got the inspiration to bake stuffed cookies when she watched other bakers create muffins with gooey filling. With her family's support and blessings, she embarked on this baking journey and started selling stuffed cookies in April 2019.

It was a slow journey at first, but what surged the orders for her cookies was her decision to change her packaging. She mentioned to FMT that more customers were drawn to buy her cookies with her vibrant yellow boxes. It's a smart tactic on her side since people absolutely love IG-worthy and aesthetic packaging! With the continuing success of her business, Riesha finally moved her baking operations from her home to a commercial lot in Subang Jaya.

Credit: @sugariekl on Instagram 

SugaRie's stuffed cookies are definitely worth the hype! They are chunky and stuffed with all the chocolate, Biscoff and more ingredients that you can imagine. All of their cookies are famous but among the popular ones is the S'mores Stuffed Cookie that's filled with Nutella and marshmellow. Raspberry White Chocolate is also a fan's favourite which has Belgian white chocolate and premium raspberry chocolate as the filing.

If you want a bit of a crunch as you bite into a cookie, try their special Milk N Cereal Stuffed Cookie that has Belgium white chocolate and generously topped with fruity pebbles. For fans of Biscoff, you can order the 'Pretty Cookie', also known as Biscoff Stuffed Cookie. It's a cookie filled with biscoff and topped with rainbow sprinkles! Their sweet and unique Apple Crumble Cookie is also worth the try if you love the taste of apples topped with buttery salty crumble.

Credit: @sugariekl on Instagram 

Of course, with more customers come with more ideas to expand the menu! Other than cookies, they also sell S'mores Brownies and Cookie Pie which you can choose one of 3 fillings of your choice and have the pie topped with a sea of torched marshmellows.

SugaRie delivers their baked goods to all over Malaysia and their prices are affordable! Their packages are secured and be sure to reheat your treats once they arrived at your doorstep to enjoy them fresh! You can order anything off this shop through Shopee ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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