7 Halal Steamboat Spots In Cameron Highlands For Your Next Trip 2022


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 19, 2022

For many of us, steamboat runs in our veins. The warm embrace of soup, the satisfying sizzle of juicy meats' first touch with the grill, and the crack of seafood being peeled open and slurped up. This almost unbeatable delicacy has captured the hearts of many, and if you're looking to embark on a delicious steamboat journey while in Cameron Highlands, this is just the list for you. We've compiled a list of 7 best halal steamboat spots in Cameron Highlands. With cool mountain breezes and the warmth of a good steamboat, you're going to love every moment and bite of your next steamboat meal.

1. Restoran Taman Apple Cameron Steamboat & Grill

Credit:Restoran Taman Apple Cameron Buffet Steamboat & Grill on Facebook

This family-friendly restaurant is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy chill vibes and delicious food while being surrounded by nature.

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Credit:Restoran Taman Apple Cameron Buffet Steamboat & Grill on Facebook

Embracing the concept of the strawberry bushes and lush, green leaves that characterise the area, Taman Apple Cameron Restaurant has the perfect ambience for your next family gathering. Plus, kids below five-years-old get to eat for free ?

Restoran Taman Apple Cameron Buffet Steamboat & Grill 

Halal Status: Halal


2. Highland Steamboat Cheese & Grill

Credit: Highland Steamboat Cheese & Grill on Facebook

The first-place winners of the 'Highest Popularity Restaurant Tanah Malaysia 2021' must definitely know a thing or two about serving up mouth-watering steamboat & grill buffets. Often packed to the brim with hungry customers just waiting to have a taste of their special steamboats, this steamboat spot in Cameron Highlands could be hard to get into if you're not early!

Credit: Highland Steamboat Cheese & Grill on Facebook

And I'm sure it helps the hungry foodie that their buffets come with an array of drinks and even a popcorn machine ?

Highland Steamboat Cheese & Grill

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


3. Ferm Nyonya Restaurant

Although it's been over a decade since it first started, new to the halal scene is Ferm Nyonya Restaurant ? Home to tasty, homemade Chinese dishes and their very own steamboat menu, this underrated spot in Cameron Highlands goes for an average of MYR$24/pax. Do note that their halal-certification is still pending, so do dine with discretion.

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Ferm Nyonya Restaurant 

Halal Status: Pending halal-certification


4. Fauzi Tom Yam & Steamboat Restaurant

Credit: Restoran FAUZI Bistro - Brinchang on Facebook

Seafood-lovers, you're in for the feast of your life. This halal steamboat restaurant in Cameron Highland is also a famous shellout spot! Also known for its fresh seafood and delicious Malay and Thai dishes, be ready for a meal fit for royalty with Restoran Fauzi ?

Fauzi Tom Yam & Steamboat Restaurant

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


5. Y.A.Z Steamboat & Grill

Credit: Y.A.Z Steamboat N'' Grill on Facebook

One of the best buffet steamboat and grill spots in Cameron Highlands, Y.A.Z Steamboat N Grill has over 118 menu items, living up to their hashtag #MakanSampaiKenyang (#eattillyou'refull)! With over 20 options of meat alone, you can enjoy chicken, duck, beef, 12 different types of seafood and more ?

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Credit: Polar Ice Cream - IPOH on Facebook

Plus, they also serve ice cream Polar Ice Cream for dessert! The perfect way to end a meal ?

Y.A.Z Steamboat & Grill

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


6. Ferns Restaurant

Credit: Ferns Restaurant on Facebook

Offering a range of western and local delights, Ferns Restaurants is a must-try for anyone who's craving halal steamboat. With an array of fresh vegetables from Cameron Highlands and meats, your buttons will be popping out of your shirt once you walk out! Plus, they have an unforgettable Hi-Tea set too, that you simply must not miss out on.

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Ferns Restaurant 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


7. Glory 78 Steamboat and Snack Corner

Red, hot Tom Yum soup and delicious seafood? Count me in! Glory 78 Steamboat & Snack Corner is known for its affordable prices, fast service, scrumptious soup and variety of menu items! They also serve up tasty local delights if you're looking for a little more after your steamboat.

Glory 78 Steamboat & Snack Corner

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


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