You Might Not Expect It But This Hidden Gem In Singapore Serves Yummy Mediterranean Cuisine


Zyin W •  Aug 31, 2021

When thinking of having Moroccan food in Singapore, you'll definitely not think of Spize. But did you know that the eatery actually has a wide variety of cuisines, including Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine? Tribes by HHWT member, Zyin W, recently visited Spize Rifle Range outlet and shares with us her experience of having yummy Moroccan food there. The outlet is also a restaurant with a good view!

My coincidental Moroccan food feast at Spize Rifle Range

A few nights ago, I had a coincidental Moroccan night at Spize Rifle Range which has an "atas" yet cozy ambience ?

I scanned Spize Rifle Range's extensive menu and what caught my interest were some Moroccan items.

Credit: Zyin W

The first one is Shish Kebab, which is served with hummus, labneh, and Moroccan salsa. Thankfully that the staff suggested going for medium rare. if not I'll be like a lamb chewing on cuds ? I'm gonna warn you that this dish has ?️ big chunks of meat cubes and ✌️ pieces of flatbreads! I thought a flatbread was cut into half and rolled up to form the 2 tent-like displays. So, this is REALLY filling but satisfying~

Credit: Zyin W

No matter what, I still ordered their #dessert - #Mediterranean Apple Crumble. Once again I trusted the staff's recommendation on having the Salted Caramel #gelato, which usually wouldn't be my first pick, and it did further enhance the flavour of the caramalized apple and peaches (it was the first time I heard of caramalized peaches!).

In the end, I washed down all my food with a cup of Moroccan Mint Tea. The Tea Forte packaging is real cute too ?

Spize Rifle Range @ Temasek Club

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours: Daily; 8AM-11PM

Address: 131 Rifle Range Rd, #03-04, Singapore 588406


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