6 Things We Can Finally Do With Our (Extended) Family During Raya


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 18, 2022

Raya this year may actually be happening in full swing! Our hopes have been lifted in light of the reopening of bazaars and restrictions being relaxed further, so all of us are definitely feeling the excitement for Raya this year ? We've been looking forward to the day for so long: the raya preparation, meeting our loved ones physically and more, so here are a few things we’ve terribly missed for the past two years and we can’t wait for them to make a grand comeback ?

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What We Can't Wait To Do This Hari Raya 2022 With Our Loved Ones

1. Everyone in the entire extended family huddling together at the ‘main house’ while watching television

Picture this: it’s nearing the end of your Raya visits for the day, but you’re all pumped up for the last house. Perhaps it’s your family’s favourite aunt or uncle’s or even your grandparents’ house or dubbed the ‘main house’, where everyone will gather for any special occasion because they have the best supplies of Raya cookies, delicious Raya delicacies and of course, superbly generous with their green packets ?. There will be a flurry of activity going on in the house, but then when the television is finally turned on, everything comes to a standstill. 

Credit: Sony 

The TV has gotten bigger though over the years (is that a Sony X80K 75” TV now?) so that everyone sitting at different points of the room can see that one funny scene from Hantu Kak Limah. The room is completely quiet now, and everyone’s engrossed in the next scene even though they know what’s coming next, and before you know it, a burst of laughter erupts immediately ? This new TV of theirs has an even clearer 4K signal, full of life-like colour and contrast, so you’ll be sure that you’re not watching a bootleg version of this old-but-gold film ? Built in with the TV is Sony's X-Balanced Speaker, it delivers a powerful surround sound that drives the film with clear sounds, and it really feels like you’re right there with Awie and his gang of friends, playing along at their ridiculously hilarious skits ? And the fun doesn’t stop there: be it watching hilarious Youtube videos, or playing racing games, the embedded Google TV feature has more than 7000 apps (more than any other Smart TV) for you and your loved ones to choose from ?Now you know why this is your favourite house to visit during Raya: It’s purely all good vibes; laughing and bonding with loved ones, that’s what Raya’s all about ?

2. Raya songs blasting throughout your house a few days before

Credit: Sony

When you’ve hit the last two weeks of Ramadan, radios have already started amping up their Raya songs ? Bazaars will be blasting it through speakers, and we bet your house is no less different. Perhaps you have a Raya Spotify Playlist that’s ever-ready to pump up your favourites: calm and unobtrusive sound from a good speaker like the SRS-RA3000 diffused both horizontally and vertically to create just the right Raya atmosphere anywhere in your home; it feels like you’re with young Anuar Zain and Elina in the ‘Suasana Hari Raya’ music video, just playing firecrackers and dancing with your loved ones ? The best part, is you don’t even have to worry about being too loud: your SRS-RA3000 will recalibrate the sound to the optimum audio without you having to walk and fix it for yourself ?

3. Everyone looks like they are ready to walk down the red carpet

Credit: Sony

Just two weeks ago you were out with your cousin for a quick iftar and she came draped in sweatpants and an oversized shirt, but on the first day of Raya, she’s all glammed up: new kebaya from Zalora, new Charles & Keith heels, new jewellery from Pandora and even a new Sony Xperia phone; are you sure this is your cousin?! ? You’ll both end up fawning over her new phone; busy playing with their professional camera features with lots of adjustable functions on the Xperia PRO-I (it even captured that one strand poking out of your outfit, how did it do that?! ?), making Tiktok videos to the next trend (no shake-free captured when you’re doing that ‘Around the World’ trend ?), and 5G wifi to upload your Raya antics ?

Credit: Sony

Okay, you’re officially jealous of her right now. Or maybe you’ll get the Xperia 5 III for its more straight-forward, auto functions that still use professional camera technology ? At least you can still take gorgeous photos without having to be a professional yourself! One bonus point for you! ?

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4. Casual videos are back

Credit: Sony

During the pandemic, many of us picked up new hobbies. For us, it was creating casual videos of everything and anything, whether it was our first Ramadan during the pandemic, our cats, or even goofy TikTok trends; the possibilities were endless! ?

It is time to channel your inner influencer and pick up a camera to film all of your antics in high quality! With the Digital Camera ZV-1, you don’t even need to be a professional ?

Designed for casual videography, it features easy-to-use features such as the One-Touch Bokeh Switch for a professional defocused background; no tricky setup whatsoever! The Product Showcase Setting also allows you to switch focus seamlessly with just a single button press - perfect for fashionistas and make-up gurus to show small objects in clear focus ?

If you’re into shooting short videos for TikTok, you’re on the right track. The ZV-1 also features a vari-angle LCD screen that is perfect for vertical shooting and a supplied windscreen for reduced wind noise when shooting outdoors. Did we mention that the camera is portable and lightweight too? ?

5. Endless calls and loud talking from family members

Credit: Sony

Every year, your parents might be on the phone screaming at the top of their lungs about the happiest things; Raya wishes, planning the next Raya visiting session, updates on children’s lives (nope, still single this year! ?), to say a few. It might be time for you to get Sony Linkbuds this year though, seeing how Raya is back. You’ll be able to get your music or Netflix shows while you’ll still at least hear your mum calling for you with the Linkbuds' open ring design that allows audio transparency, linking your online and offline worlds together ?

Moreover, whether you’re in car rides shuttling between house to house, or you’re hosting a Raya party at your place, these Sony Linkbuds will come in handy for a nice break from all those incessant questions, while you can still partake in the festivities from a good distance ?

6. Annual Raya squad pictures incoming

It’s been a while, so it’s definitely time to document these precious 1st-Raya-in-two-years memories! Time to bring your handy, compact Sony Alpha 7C camera to snap up some fantastic photos of you and the entire family to celebrate this special moment ?

Credit: Sony

Don’t worry about the little ones who just can’t stop moving and ruining a perfectly good photo opportunity; you have Sony Alpha 7C’s speedy continuous shooting capabilities of up to 10 frames per second to thank! ? It automatically tracks the eye & face, so you get amazing in-focus natural portrait shots, while achieving a nice bokeh background when you pair it with a lens with a large aperture such as the SEL50F25G lens. Just look at the photo quality below! ?

Credit: Sony

You’ll get high-quality images that perfectly capture all of those vital lovable moments.  Well, look how beautiful you made everyone look, almost as if it's professionally done! Congrats, you’re the unofficial main photographer of the family ?Whatever it is, seeing all the pictures might get you a little emotional; you finally have everyone together in one place after so long! ? Of course, don’t forget to transfer those photos to your cousins; just a simple Wi-fi or one-touch or even QR code transfer away on your Alpha 7C to an amazing IG feed ?

We bet your Raya after two years will be nothing short of amazing, and you’re truly happy that finally, you’ll get to experience all these activities with your loved ones after 2 long years! So make your Raya celebrations with your family even more fun with a revamp from Sony! ?

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