Here’s What You Need To Know About Singapore's New Covid Wedding Guidelines


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Aug 19, 2021

Good news to all who are getting married or attending weddings! As of 19th August, wedding guidelines are going to be loosened, and we're going to be able to have big weddings again ? Solemnisation and reception attendance limits will now be more relaxed, which means more family and friends to celebrate a joyous occasion with. From whether you need to get a PET to whether you'll be able to eat in, HHWT gives you the low down on how things are going to get bigger and better for weddings as of 19th August.

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Singapore's Covid Wedding Guidelines

1. How Many People Can Be At A Wedding?

With the previous restrictions of 50-100 per wedding, weddings became smaller, cozier affairs. Perfect for anyone who wishes for an intimate wedding. However if you're looking to have a grander wedding or attend a wedding with everyone you know and love reuniting, 19th August will allow for that!

As of 19th August, attendance limits have increased for marriage solemnisations and receptions. If you're having your wedding at a location outside of ROM, a Mosque or a place of residence, you don't have to worry as much about numbers!

For couples who have chosen to only have wedding solemnisations (without the reception), you can invite up to 1000 people if everyone undergoes pre-event testing! Couples who wish to have a reception may invite up to a maximum of 250 people, as long as everyone has undergone pre-event testing. Guests must remain in groups of five still, but now more people can attend a solemnisation ?

Remember to count in your photographers and make up artists too! 

2. Where Can Weddings Happen?

Weddings can happen in most of the usual places! You can have your solemnisation at a Mosque, ROM, or your place of residence. You may also want to have your wedding at an external venue of your choice.

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3. What Safety Precautions Should I Take?

If you're a guest, make sure to be vaccinated or get yourself tested prior to the event. During the event, stick to groups of five and follow any safety precautions taken by the wedding venue. And of course, make sure to stay home if you're feeling unwell and keep your mask on the entire time! ?Fortunately you can take off your masks for a moment to take photos with the couple ?

If you're the bride or groom, you may wear face shields instead of masks. During key moments, you may remove them as long as you maintain a safe distance of at least 2m from others!

Couples about to get married are to check directly with any of their venue operators on the safe management measures of the solemnization venue you would like to book.

4. Can Wedding Guests Dine In?

During a solemnisation, no food or drinks are able to be supplied or consumed. Fortunately, takeaway food can be provided to consume away from the solemnisation event! If you're a guest, be sure not to crowd around or outside the event venue to consume their takeaway food. And if you're a guest attending a reception, you may dine in! Guests can eat at their tables, but not queue for food at a buffet to minimise any crowding or interactions between different groups of guests.

Couples getting married may also split their receptions into lunches and dinners at the same venue! As long as the venue is completed within a day, guests may attend the reception and feast in time slots not exceeding 50 attendees.

From increased number of guests to being able to eat in, any wedding is going to be a much more joyous and fun occasion for anyone getting married or attending a wedding!