Seletar Fishing Village: A Rustic Spot In Singapore For Gorgeous Sunset Views


Faruq Senin •  Jul 29, 2021

The pandemic has made us uncover so many hidden gems in Singapore. And with Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), many of you might feel cooped up at home. If you're planning to explore a new spot in Singapore, the Seletar Fishing Village should be next on your list! Known as Singapore's Last Fishing Village, this spot has recently gained popularity not for being a fishing village but for its scenic sunset views ?

Singapore's Last Fishing Village at Seletar - The Best Sunset In Singapore?

Credit: Vic The-Cello on Facebook

Located near Yishun Dam and along the Lower Seletar Reservoir, the Seletar Fishing Village used to be a secret spot until it was recently discovered by hikers. Do a quick search of the fishing village on the Singapore Hikers Facebook group and you'll be greeted with stunning images that don't look like they are in Singapore.

Credit: @chewkg1 on Instagram

What makes the sunset here absolutely stunning is the view of the swamp during low tide against the backdrop of the setting sun. With the barren trees in your shot, it'll look like you're in a European country during winter (except for the humid weather ?).

Credit: @the_curious_accountant on Instagram

Most hikers or photographers who have been to the Seletar Fishing Village recommend heading there at about 6.30PM during the golden hour and staying all the way till around 7.30PM. Though sunset in Singapore is usually around 6.50PM to 7.10PM, stay longer and you might just be rewarded with the majestic hues of sunset and Instagram-worthy clouds ?

How to go to Seletar Fishing Village

To get to the Seletar Fishing Village, take bus 103 or 117 and alight at the Bef Shell Aviation bus stop. Then, cross Seletar North Link to the side of the reservoir. Follow the railing and walk down towards the shore. You can also look for "Singapore Last Fishing Village" on Google Maps.

Credit: Vic The-Cello on Facebook

These days, it won't be hard to find the fishing village as it's a fairly popular spot. You'll most definitely see groups of people camping at a spot and waiting for sunset.

Although the Seletar Fishing Village is spectacular at sunset, the view is not too shabby during the day as well. If anything, it'll be less crowded and a respite from the bustling city.

Is there really a fishing village?

In case you're wondering, yes, the fishing village still exists together with a spot called the Jenal Jetty.

There, you’ll find kampong-like huts along the shore with wooden boardwalks extending out to the waters. Do note that Jenal Jetty is not accessible to the public and there is a security guard protecting the area. However, you can sign up for a tour on Klook to explore the fishing village.

Even though Singapore is known as a concrete jungle, it's amazing how we can still find many underrated spots. If you're planning your next adventure in Singapore, be sure to add the Seletar Fishing Village to your list! Love hidden gems? Be sure to check out these places: