Here Are 6 Secret Beaches In Singapore To Get Away From The Crowd With Your Family These September Holidays


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Aug 27, 2021

The September holidays are just around the corner and many of us would love to spend this free time with family out on the beach; having a picnic or going for a swim sounds amazing. Especially in Singapore's hot weather! Local hangouts like East Coast Beach and Sentosa's Palawan Coast are popular haunts for beach-goers, which makes them packed to the brim. Even West Coast does not escape the crowd!

The beach is undoubtedly one of the best places to go to spend time with your loved ones during the holidays. Well if you're looking to spend time at the beach but get away from the hubbub of a crowd, HHWT's got just the thing for you! We've compiled the ultimate list of the best beaches in Singapore for getting away from crowds.

Best Beaches In Singapore To Get Away From The Crowd

1. Punggol Beach

At the end of Punggol Point Park lays the quietest yet most aesthetic stretch of sand that you'll have ever experienced. Home to scenic views such as Pulau Ubin and Johor Straits, this little-known park's ulu nature means it's not too popular and perfect to head to to get away from the crowd!

Credit: Kyle Lam on Flickr

It has lookout decks and pockets of beaches for you to relax and enjoy sunrises and sunsets, cool winds and the soothing sounds made by the wind and birds. If you're looking for somewhere quiet to enjoy your day with your family away from the crowd, Punggol Beach is definitely one of the ways to go. If your family enjoys fishing this is definitely one spot for you to consider! Their lookout decks make the water accessible to any fisherman.

However, Punggol Beach is also filled with sad history. It was originally used as one of the spots for the Sook Ching Massacres during the Second World War. Many plaques and memorials have been set up around the beach and the beach is on the National Heritage Board’s list of historical sites in Singapore.

2. St John's Island

If you're in need of a retreat, this island is perfect to escape the bustling city life. Originally kampongs before the 1960s, St John’s Island is now a beautiful island getaway with its very own swimming cove! Not only perfect for those who wish to get away from large crowds, this island has soft, white sands, cooling waters, and incredibly scenic views. Anyone who steps off the jetty will be immediately drawn into its serenity.

Credit: Siti Ayeeshah

To get to St John's Island, hop aboard the Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services. It's only a thirty minute ferry ride from Marina South Pier!

3. Lazarus Island

Just a short walk away from St John's Island is Lazarus Island. That's right, walk! St John's and Lazarus Island is connected by a causeway. Once you're on St John's Island, a second beach haven is only fifteen minutes away by foot.

Known for its clear waters, Lazarus Island has many beaches for you to hang out on and choose from. If you're lucky, you might just stumble upon corals and sea creatures, too! So remember to bring your snorkels ?

4. Kusu Island

A little more interesting an island and beach is Kusu Island, also known as 'tortoise island'. All myths about this island talk about a turtle who saved a Malay man and Chinese man from a shipwreck, and thus where this island got its name!

Credit: John on Flickr

Yet another island with lovely little pockets of beaches between break waters, this island often has little to no visitors, but has many benches and huts for you to sit and eat or chill and enjoy the beautiful sights of a lovely beach. If you miss overseas beach resorts, this is the closest you'll get to it! Put on your snorkels and you might just catch a glimpse of a sea turtle ?

5. Pulau Ubin

A quiet island with an abundance of activity opportunities,Pulau Ubin is home to one of Singapore’s last kampongs, scenic hills and quarries, and an intertidal beach filled to the brim with native marine life. While they may not necessarily have beaches you may be able to swim at, they definitely have beaches you can cycle to and relax at!

Credit: Siti Ayeeshah

Check out Chek Jawa, an intertidal beach on the island. Nowhere else in Singapore can you find such a dense diversity of flora and fauna. From fiddler crabs to sea anemones, and even octopi, you and your family definitely won't be disappointed. If you have children, bring them over and watch them grow excited over the marine life! If you're observant, you may even be able to catch sight of some starfish and monitor lizards ?

6. Sembawang Beach

To the North of Singapore is Sembawang Beach, a nature park filled with lush, green trees and is so away from the rest of Singapore that it's serene and quiet. While it may be difficult to get to, you definitely don't have to worry about the crowd here!

Credit: Gurmit Singh on Flickr

The park has a beach where anyone can relax and enjoy a calm beach and the serene view of the sea. Any family with children can also look forward to building sandcastles here ?️ Lay out a mat and bring some food to have a picnic with your loved ones here!

Singapore's got plenty of quiet spaces for you and your family to bond and spend time together these September Holidays, and if you have had trouble looking for it, we hope this list has helped ? Share this with your family members and start planning!