It Runs In The Family: Scoot Siblings Share Their Experience Working Together as Flight Crew Members This Siblings’ Day


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 09, 2022

Working with your sibling can go two ways – it could be the best thing ever or it could go down as a horrible screaming festival ? But to the Woon siblings, it’s a privilege they absolutely cherish, because it has made their relationship richer, and stronger ?This Siblings’ Day, we spoke to Captain Benson Woon and his sister, Cabin Crew-In-Charge (CIC) Geraldine Woon, who have been working together at Scoot for a decade! They share their journey of going from diaper buddies to colleagues through heartfelt anecdotes ?

These Two Siblings Who Work Together At Scoot Share Their Story

1. They didn’t plan to work together, it just sort of happened

Credit: Courtesy to Captain Benson and CIC Geraldine

CIC Geraldine has been working at Scoot since its inception in 2011. Her brother, Captain Benson was in Tigerair for a few years after CIC Geraldine joined Scoot, but it was when Scoot and Tigerair merged, that the stars aligned for them to work alongside one another ? Believe it or not, these are not our words, but taken from Captain Benson himself, “It wasn’t planned, but somehow fate made it happen” (why can’t my sibling be this sweet ?).

2. When they meet, all they do is eat

If there’s one activity that truly bonds the Woon siblings, it’s food. It’s fitting then, that both the siblings work with Scoot, that offers a variety of mouth-watering meals with a refreshed menu with the likes of Nasi Lemak, Ayam Masak Bali and Curry Chicken. And whenever they’re not roaming the skies, the Woon siblings indulge in cosy family feasts!  Ultimately, both of them simply adore Japanese food - and were actually lucky enough to enjoy a meal together in Japan ?

Credit: Unsplash

Captain Benson managed to meet up with CIC Geraldine in Tokyo after operating his first A320 Scoot flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo, and CIC Geraldine had flown in on a different flight. “Gerrie (as she’s affectionately known) brought me to my first ‘mom and pop’ shop and ordered a really good meal in her fluent Japanese”, he explained. “The taste of the meal was unforgettable, and I look forward to going there again with her, better known as my ‘personal translator’” ?

Credit: Unsplash

The siblings dream of heading there again soon for a vacation once the Japanese borders reopen, but CIC Geraldine has hopes to take Captain Benson with her to check out Berlin too. “I would like to introduce Ben to the long-haul destinations that Scoot flies to, like Berlin. Ben has been to many countries in Asia and it would be nice to experience new sights and sounds in places far and wide with him," she said ? Scoot to Berlin and experience its wonders with prices starting from SGD325 one-way, taxes inclusive.

3. Their favourite vacation was the one they visited together 

Credit: Unsplash

When asked about their favourite vacation, the Woon siblings fondly reminisce that the best vacation they had together was during a larger-than-life family vacation to Port Dickson, Malaysia. “A few years ago, we went on a family vacation to Port Dickson, Malaysia with our families and extended families – all 17 of us! ? This was the only time that everyone, despite their busy schedules, could make it for the trip. It was most memorable because we had so much fun, laughter and bonding as a family. Perhaps that is the privilege of connecting and reconnecting with loved ones – it doesn’t matter where you go, but who is with you on your journey that makes all the difference.” ?

4. They once only found out that they were working on the same plane after the plane was about to depart

Credit: Unsplash

CIC Geraldine recounted her first solo flight as CIC for the A320 fleet (one of Scoot’s most efficient short-haul carriers for a seamless travel journey) to Bangkok, where she was pleasantly surprised to see that the First Officer’s name on the roster had been changed to then First Officer Benson at the last minute! ? “My brother’s presence gave me an added assurance as I carried out my duties for that flight”, she said. (Okay, these two might possibly be the most adorable pair of siblings we’ve met! ?)

For Captain Benson this aha moment came way much later, like plane-is-about-to-take-off late ? “Although we had a pre-flight briefing in the crew room together for that particular flight, we were so caught up preparing the aircraft that I did not think too much of it. Only when Gerrie made the “cabin ready for departure” call to the flight deck, did it dawn on me that we were flying together,” he explained ?

5. They are each other’s supporters through thick and thin

Credit: Courtesy of Captain Benson and CIC Geraldine

Sometimes it can feel lonely when you’re faced with challenges, and no one can understand exactly what you’re going through. For the Woon siblings, however, working together at Scoot means they always have each other to rely on and relate to! CIC Geraldine is happy that having much to talk about allows her to better understand her brother’s job. “Sharing our inflight experiences and how we handle challenging situations helps us to better overcome hurdles. This allows us to see things from each other’s perspective and understand each other’s roles and responsibilities in both our professional and personal lives,” CIC Geraldine shares ?

For Captain Benson, CIC Geraldine has given him an eye-opening insight into what goes on beyond the cockpit. Despite both working for the same company, pilots and cabin crew members may face very different sets of issues: “I am grateful to be able to understand both the rewarding and challenging experiences the cabin crew face, through the eyes of my sister. This also allows our family to understand and appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make each Scoot flight a memorable one” ?

6. After many years, they still know how to drive the other totally crazy

Scoot flies to Melbourne from Singapore 10 times a week. Credit: Unsplash

Having a sibling simply means it’s a never-ending cycle of highs and lows, regardless of which stage of life you’re at right now. “It may be due to the training pilots receive, which emphasises a calm demeanour when operating an aircraft, but Ben hardly loses his temper. But given his love for sweets, I would probably be in trouble if I stole his gummies”, CIC Geraldine quipped ?

There’s always that one sibling who makes it their life goal to bother you till the end of time, and Captain Benson sure does fill up that spot. “I remember when we were still kids, Gerrie had a huge Barbie collection, and I would mischievously cut the hair of the dolls and hide away their dresses and accessories when she was out. I am sure Gerrie is happy that we both have our own homes now, and I can no longer infuriate her,” Captain Benson laughs ?

7. They are not afraid to dish the dirt on each other

Scoot flies to London from Singapore via Bangkok twice a week. Credit: Unsplash

You’re not really siblings if you don’t share embarrassing secrets about each other. For starters, Gerrie used to be incredibly obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. “Growing up, there wasn’t an inch of her room without a Backstreet Boys poster!” Captain Benson recalled ?

And if you think that’s embarrassing, CIC Geraldine did not hold back either. “Ben was very particular about arranging his squad of Transformer toys and figurines when he was younger. He would completely freak out if I were to mess it up or lose any of it,” CIC Geraldine shared ?

8. But they are also not shy to say how proud they are of each other

Scoot flies to Kuala Lumpur 18 times a week. Credit: Unsplash

Beneath all the jokes and digs at each other, you can definitely feel the immense love, admiration and respect CIC Geraldine and Captain Benson have for each other. CIC Geraldine recalls herself beaming with pride when her brother graduated from Singapore Flying College and “got his wings” ?

Captain Benson was proud to see their father’s legacy as a flight steward be carried on by both of them as siblings, and he thinks CIC Geraldine truly embraces the Scootitude spirit - fun, engaging, and always putting the needs and safety of passengers first. “My father exemplified great service not only on board, but at home too. Gerrie takes after him, and she has the most heart in the family. I guess our father planted the seed of love for aviation and carrying out acts of service in us”, he shares ?

Having and working with siblings is like having both an arch-nemesis and best friend wrapped into one. But the Woon siblings are proof that over a shared passion for flying, food, and a deep commitment to maintaining their tight bond, it can actually be really fun ? Just be ready for the endless teasing and jokes though ? Keep an eye out for these two siblings when you fly with Scoot and if you’re lucky, you can enjoy both a - safe, fuss-free flight experience with Captain Benson, and a dash of Scootitude from CIC Geraldine ?

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