Satay By The Bay: San Francisco's Only Halal Singaporean Food Truck Serving Satay, Chilli Crab Sandwich & More


Ili •  Aug 17, 2021

One of the things we love about travelling is getting the chance to experience all kinds of cuisines. Whether we're enjoying halal fish and chips in London or some of the freshest halal sushi in Tokyo, indulging in local food is an absolute must when exploring new destinations.

With that being said, sometimes all you crave for is a taste of home and it's food trucks like Satay By The Bay located in San Francisco that you can count on to do exactly just that!

Satay By The Bay: Halal Singaporean Street Food In San Francisco

Credit: @sataybythebaysf on Instagram

Satay By The Bay is owned by Elly Suraya Greenfield, a Singaporean native who moved to San Francisco and opened the food truck in 2020 after feeling unsatisfied with her job as an insurance agent. Also motivated by her disappointment in the Bay Area's Singaporean food, Elly's goal was to "bring my customers back 'home' with our food, even when we are thousands of miles away". With the help of her husband, David Greenfield, and their 14-year-old daughter, the food truck is pretty much a family-run business - a concept that isn't unfamiliar to Elly.

Credit: @sataybythebaysf on Instagram

According to an interview with Munchies, Elly was "forced to volunteer" to be in the kitchen when her mother ran a catering business in Singapore. Though she wasn't thrilled about it at the time, the experience has clearly stuck with Elly now that her mission is to continue her mom's cooking legacy through Satay By The Bay. Known as the only halal Malay Singaporean food truck in the Bay Area, the business has grown increasingly popular for serving hearty Singaporean street food!

Credit: @sataybythebaysf on Instagram

Satay By The Bay may have a limited menu but each item truly packs a punch with their flavours! Customers can look forward to satay skewers dunked in a homemade peanut sauce (12 USD), a loaded chilli crab sandwich (19 USD) and tofu goreng (12.50 USD).

Watch Elly's full interview with 'Munchies' below ?

Satay By The Bay

Address: 1780 Francisco Blvd., Pacifica

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