Rotiboy Is Opening At T3 Changi Airport, & Yes, It Uses Halal Ingredients!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Nov 05, 2021

Singaporean easties rejoice! Famous Malaysian delight Rotiboy will be opening a new outlet in Singapore's Changi Airport, Terminal 3. Do you know what that means? We no longer need to travel to the west (or Malaysia?)! Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, this Rotiboy outlet will be using halal ingredients!

P.S. Learn more about Rotiboy's halal status here!

Rotiboy Opens At T3, Changi Airport

This delightful Malaysian treat is not unfamiliar to any Singaporean who loves Malaysia. Although they now have an outlet in Kinex, it may be a little too far for anyone who lives in the east to drop by. However, with the new outlet opening this December, everyone can now have a bite!

Credit: chillingsaint on Instagram

They'll be opening an outlet in Changi Airport Terminal 3, Basement 2. This means that you'll get to enjoy all the perks of Changi Airport's many activities while you munch on Rotiboy. Munch on some Rotiboy as you head down to Jewel's Canopy Bridge or enjoy the shopping scene of Changi Airport.

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Rotiboy's iconic buns that are filled with butter and coffee are $2.50 each. Crispy on the outside and warm on the inside, you'd definitely want to get more of these!

And if you're looking to taste something a little more, there are many other flavours for the adventurous! Delight in their Mochaboy ($3), a chocolate-filled bun topped with coffee and sprinkled with almond nibs. You could also try their Buttermilkboy ($3), a bun filled with milky butter and topped with vanilla, sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Credit: Bernard Wee on Facebook

And if you're a cheese-lover, try their Cheeseboy ($3). What could be better than having a mouthful of cream cheese filling with grated cheddar cheese topping to brighten up your day?

This might just be the best news yet. If you've decided to travel this December or are simply just enjoying Singapore's famous airport, now there's one more thing to look forward to!


Rotiboy Singapore

Halal status: While the outlet is not halal-certified, we've confirmed that Rotiboy Singapore uses JAKIM halal-certified ingredients from Malaysia.