Go On A Romantic Chocolate-Making Trip With Your Partner At This Artisan Chocolate Factory In SG


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 31, 2021

A romantic getaway is one of the most ideal things to do with your partner to strengthen your bond and now that travelling is allowed especially for countries under the VTL scheme, you could plan a lovely trip with him or her! But, if you want to do something fun yet with the romantic twist locally, then take a trip to this mini-chocolate factory at Great World in Singapore!

Learn The Art of Chocolate-Making At Pure Imagination

Credit: Pure Imagination

It may not be a Willy Wonka factory but it's still a quaint artisan chocolate factory! Pure Imagination provides a workshop on teaching you the process of making delicious chocolate bars! Chocolate is widely known as a romantic gift especially for Valentine's Day where people who celebrate it practically scour for the best and most high-quality chocolates to give to the love of their lives. Making one from scratch to your romantic partner tops other chocolate from the store.

Credit: @elnatan on Instagram 

For S$250 per person, learning the art of chocolate-making at Pure Imagine is a fun and delightful way to spend time with your partner. They'll take you on the process from A-Z which includes the roasting of cocoa beans, winnowing, grinding and conching, the process of distributing cocoa butter evenly to produce a smooth and optimal flavour of the chocolate. During the process, you are allowed to choose different types of sugar, sugar substitutes and dairy milk to your liking to create your own chocolate bar!

Credit: @elnatan on Instagram 

As part of the package, each person will receive 1kg of chocolate and the tasting experience. You'll be able to taste the fresh cocoa seeds which look like mangosteen, their signature single origin hot chocolate, chocolate dessert and ice cream! This package only accommodates 2 people so it's perfect to do something fun with your partner. The workshop will last for 2 hours and since the conching of your chocolate will take around 12-24 hours, you can return to the mini artisan chocolate factory when they're ready or have your creation delivered to your doorsteps 3 days after the workshop.

For chocolate lovers, this workshop is definitely something they'll enjoy as they get to learn and make their own chocolate bars. To book a slot at Pure Imagination, go to their website here!

Address: Great World, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, B1-K119, 237994, Singapore.

Contact: 96406397

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