This Hotel In Saudi Arabia Is Only For Camels


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 20, 2022

This might be the cutest thing you’re going to read today: Saudi Arabia has unveiled the world’s first camel hotel dedicated to the service and grooming of camels for the annual King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival. ?

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Strictly Camel Business Allowed In Riyadh Hotel

Credit: Saudi Camel Club for Youtube

On January 9th, the Saudi Camel Club announced the Tetaman Hotel (Rest Assured in English) which prides themselves on providing a five-star service for its guest camels by more than 50 staff members. 

Credit: Saudi Camel Club for Youtube

They are served meals, hot milk, have personal housekeeping services to keep their stable warm and clean, and even undergo grooming! We definitely want this level of pampering for ourselves too. ?

Credit: Saudi Camel Club for Youtube

The Tetaman is exactly like the hotels we’ve been to: check-in and check-out times (which is at 12.30pm), other room services, and more. Do you think the camels pay by Visa or Mastercard? ? Each room costs 400 Saudi Riyals (SGD143), and for such a luxurious treatment, it’s pretty affordable! How lucky! ?

Credit: Saudi Camel Club for Youtube

The King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival is in its 6th consecutive year, and attracts more than 100,000 locals and tourists from all over the world. This beauty contest-cum-festival aims to preserve the cultural importance of camels in Saudi Arabia’s Bedouin tradition and heritage. It is usually held for 40 days within December to March every year. In a landmark move this year, 33 female camel owners are featured for the first time. ?