The Internet Is Crazy Over The Rice Paper Tteokbokki And We Have 5 Other Recipes To Use It


Tiara •  Sep 27, 2021

What's rice paper made of?

This thin, starchy paper is made from rice starch. It's commonly used as wrappers for Vietnamese rolls or other finger foods like salad or fruit rolls.

However, this humble ingredient is taking the internet by storm when people find out that they can use rice paper to replace rice cakes when cooking tteokbokki. It's chewy, flexible, and basically plain, so it can absorb any flavor you add to the sauce.

If you happen to have some rice paper in your fridge, get it out and try these unusual rice paper recipes!

Rice paper tteokbokki

The recipe that took the heart of the internet is viral for a reason. To make tteokbokki outta your rice paper, firstly you need to loosen the sheets. Simply soak the rice paper into the water and take it out.  Take one, lay it on a flat surface, and roll it tightly, then cut it to your desired size.

If you are feeling a little extra, you can wrap mozzarella sticks with the rice paper to make a cheesy tteok!

The next step is to cook it as tteokbokki. You can cook it the way you like, whether using an instant sauce or making it from scratch, your teokbokki is good to go!

Rice paper dumplings

Crispy, chewy, and nutritious, you can make these rice paper dumplings in no time. You can get creative by combining any ingredients you like as the filling. Mix it, fill it, fold it, and don't forget to prepare some dipping sauces while your dumplings are cooking on the pan.

Rice paper crackers

Credit: @cristina_yin

This one requires no recipe, but the result is beyond good! Turns out, you can fry the rice paper to make crispy crackers. To make it more delicious, you can sprinkle just a touch of salt and pepper or whatever seasoning powder you like.

Rice paper noodle 

This hack is our favorite one for when we ran out of instant noodles. Check out the video above to see step by step to make your own rice noodles! You can make noodle soup, fried noodles, or even Pad Thai with this.

Rice paper sushi

If you are avoiding heavy carbs but still craving some sushi, you can use rice paper instead! The softened rice paper keeps the sashimi (or any other filling) together and not as fulfilling as rice. Another dish that is similar to this is Korean gimmari that uses seasoned rice paper noodles as the filling and wrapper, then deep-fried until crispy!

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