Over 20 Restaurants & Shops Closed Permanently At Jonker Street In Melaka, Making It A Ghost Town


Ili •  Aug 09, 2021

There are many reasons why Melaka is a great destination for a weekend getaway with friends and family. Brimming with delicious halal food and  Instagrammable spots, it's also dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with plenty of historical spots to discover too.

We definitely can't wait to visit Melaka again once travel restrictions lift and experience all its amazing attractions, which is why we're saddened by the recent sighting of the popular Jonker Street ?

Jonker Street: Over 20 Restaurants & Shops Closed For Business

Credit: @eksplorasicico on Instagram

Jonker Street, also known as Jonker Walk, is a bustling street within Melaka's Chinatown that sits right at the heart of the historical city centre. It's a popular spot for travellers and locals alike to visit shops, dine at eateries (many of which are old colourful shophouses preserved in the traditional style) as well as snap Insta-worthy shots of murals.

Credit: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale on Facebook

In an interview with Melaka State Executive Council Member Datuk Gan Tian Loo, he shared that 95% of the shops at Jonker Streets have closed up shop since January 2021. "Out of 100 local shops, only 5% of them are still operating," he said.

Credit: 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale on Facebook

Currently, the only businesses that are open in the area are FamilyMart and 7-Eleven while pharmacies such as Watson and Caring have had to shut down. We're definitely heartbroken by this news and if anything, it serves as a reminder to do our best to support retail shops and eateries that are still open during this difficult period.

Jonker Street isn't the only place that's facing the effects of the pandemic: