Reminiscing South Korea: Hanbok Experience and Eating in A Clam Tent in Busan


Nadia Afiqah Zainal •  Sep 27, 2021

This article about Hanbok experience and visiting clam tent in Busan is written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Nadia Afiqah. 

Reminiscing South Korea: Hanbok Experience and Eating in A Clam Tent in Busan

In 2017, I went to Korea with a few friends without tour guides but with just an itinerary that I had prepared months before we travelled there. We stayed in Airbnb and most of us are on separate flights.

I have travelled to Korea before with my family and did the same, with no guides. The itinerary was packed even with expenses indicated so we could keep our budget in check.

On one of the days, we decided to rent Hanboks and walk around in them. There was also an amazing Hotteok shop close by. The Hanboks was very comfortable and it let us soak in the culture and the traditional feel. We definitely took lots of pictures individually and as a group.

In the last few days, we travelled to Busan by taking the train (like "Train to Busan") and went to a clam tent because I watch it on a tv show and decided that we should go and feel like a local.

Getting there was really tough because some of the locals don’t really know how to get there. There was only 1 blog about the clam tent with directions and even that was hard. In the end, we got there at around 7 pm by taking a bus and got off at the very last stop by Taejongdae beach which is where the clam tents are located in.

The clam tents are literally by the waters. The beach isn’t the typical beach with sands, but instead, it’s actually pebbles/stones. To get there we kept taking the wrong bus and google maps was a lifesaver.

When we got there there were only locals and we were the only tourists, I mean it’s pretty obvious because we spoke in English. Thankfully we have a friend who could converse in Korean because of Kpop and dramas.

The clams were all really fresh and it was an experience because not many tourists get to experience it. Definitely an experience I would love to have again.

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