This SG Hotel Serves A Delicious 4-Course Iftar From $48 Per Person


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 11, 2022

One of the exciting parts of Ramadan is definitely bonding with our loved ones over a delicious spread of food. Sometimes you want to give yourself a treat but you’re hesitant that you won’t be able to eat your money’s worth at a Ramadan buffet.Well, you can dig into a 4-course meal all prepared for you at Orchard Hotel Singapore from $48 (we’re not kidding ?). It may sound too good to be true, but their dishes are definitely worth every dollar and tummy space ? 

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Orchard Hotel Singapore Offer 4-Course Meals Under $70 Per Person This Ramadan 2022

4-course meal costing $48 per person. Credit: Orchard Hotel Singapore

Remember those weekend seafood feasts with your loved ones? Now you can dig into Ikan Masak Tiga Rasa (Sweet, Sour, Spicy Fish) without those pesky flies or sweltering heat disrupting your dining. The crunch and tenderness of the deep fried fish is combined with a tasty blend of sauces and flavours. Whoever says finger-lickin’ good can only be applied to chicken is wrong, because the sauce is simply addictive. We just want to polish it off with our bare hands! ?

One amazing thing about Raya dishes is that it doesn’t have to be eaten only during Raya or any other special occasion. And if you’re already in the Raya mood (same here!), then their Beef Rendang has definitely come in time for you! You already know what to expect, but we’re still going to tell you what it is and get you drooling: Rich and creamy beef stew with fresh aromatic spices filled with explosive flavours. Did we do a good job? ? 

4-course meal costing $58 per person. Credit: Orchard Hotel Singapore

P.S. Sometimes, food can only be described by the beholder. Time to test these dishes out by calling 6739 6513 or emailing them at fnbreservation.ohs@millenniumhotels.com.

A dish you have to try is their perfectly spiced Ayam Masak Kalio. This traditional Padang coconut-based curry is cooked in a myriad of spices, and its chicken is cooked to perfect tenderness; worthy of a spot on your list of the best chicken dishes you’ve ever tasted. It’s sometimes referred to as wet rendang as well!

4-course meal costing $68 per person. Credit: Orchard Hotel Singapore

Here’s what brought you to this page: their sets under $70 per person! There are three different 4-course set menus priced at $48, $58 and $68 per person, depending on each set you and your loved ones want to try! ? Each set consists of an appetiser, a soup, main course dishes and desserts! Each set also comes with Air Bandung, Kopi Tarik, Teh Tarik, Kurma, Nyonya Acar, Ulam, Sambal Belacan, and Belinjo Crackers ? If you’re feeling a little fancy, you can add on carvings of either Oven Roasted Ayam Percik (Indonesian Grilled Coconut Spiced Chicken), Nyonya-style Ikan Bakar (Sambal Baked Barramundi Fillet Wrapped in Banana Leaf) or Lamb Quzi (Authentic Iraqi Lamb with Kabsa Rice). You can click here to see the full menu and decide which set menu is good for you and your three foodies-in-crime ?

P.S. If we made your iftar decisions even harder, well, we can’t help but share only good news with you! We’re going to add a little pressure: their under $70 per person 4-course meal sets are only available from 3 April to 2 May 2022, so don’t wait too long! Call 6739 6513 or email them at fnbreservation.ohs@millenniumhotels.com.

Where else other than Orchard Hotel Singapore can you have delicious dishes served right to your table for a fancy iftar experience at from $48 per person, right? ?

Halal status: Halal-certified kitchen

Address: The Orchard Hotel, Banquet Rooms, 442 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238879

Opening hours: 7pm-10pm (for Ramadan iftar session)

Contact for queries or reservation: 67396513

Email for queries or reservation: fnbreservation.ohs@millenniumhotels.com

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This article is brought to you by Orchard Hotel Singapore. 

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