This Muslim-Owned Restaurant Serves Duck Wellington, Apple Wood Smoked Lambs And Other Western Classics


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 16, 2022

If you always wanted to try Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant in Sunway Lagoon, but you can’t even get on the waiting list (apparently, it’s rumoured that they’re fully booked till February 2023 ?), this humble Singaporean restaurant is a worthy contender for the Wellington throne ? Pestle & Mortar Society might be known for their eclectic Malay-Western fusions, but this time around, it’s time to head down and try their underrated, mouthwatering Western dishes! ?

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Credit: Pestle & Mortar Society

You’ve heard of beef wellington before, but Pestle & Mortar Society’s Duck Wellington involves a switch of protein and packs on many stronger, richer, earthy flavours ? Tender, juicy, and flavourful duck breast is wrapped in mushroom duxelles (an intensely flavoured mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, chestnuts, and herbs such as thyme and parsley), slices of turkey bacon, and buttery puff pastry, then baked. Served with a side of honey and red grape vinegar dressing, this sweet and savoury blend is an instant melt-in-your-mouth situation. You won't have anyone complaining about a tender, juicy cut of meat ?

Credit: Pestle & Mortar Society

It’s a shame if you decide not to order their Lamb Rack Apple Wood. While applewood isn’t known for being a strong smoking wood, it works in favour of bringing out the best of lamb racks - the sweet, more subtle flavour ? Plus, it’s super tender and juicy, but you already know to expect this when you gobble up this smoky goodness. Creamy potato gratin accompanies the lamb, for a decadent meal you’ll want to savour as long as you can ?

Credit: Pestle & Mortar Society

Squid Ink Pasta is a common dish. However, Pestle & Mortar Society’s version is said to be “on the next level; you’ve never tasted it before”. And if that’s the consensus from the loyal patrons, judging from their social media pages, you can’t help but order it for yourself ? The rich, briny flavour of the squid ink is tossed with al dente pasta giving it the gorgeous black colour, and whole squids with red chilis are added for that Asian touch. It’s hefty in portion, but you won’t stop thinking about how good it was ?

One look at their menu, and you’ll be drooling over how fancy it is - it is as if you’ve stepped into Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen, minus the screaming, of course ? We leave the final verdict to you, though, on who deserves the crown for the best Wellington. The only way to find out is to try Pestle & Mortar Society! ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 548 Macpherson Road

Opening hours: 12pm - 10pm daily

Reservation: DM via Facebook or Instagram or Whatsapp +65 6814 8822

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