Pahang's State Mosque Introduces Special Single-Use Prayer Mats For Travelers


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 11, 2021

Depending on which state you're living in, most mosques in Malaysia have a strict limit as to how many people can enter to pray and you must bring your own prayer mats and telekung for women. Since the announcement on interstate travel, mosques will be seeing an increase in number of travelers who stop by to pray. But, what if a traveler forgets to bring a prayer mat? Well, Pahang's beautiful state mosque has introduced something that will benefit both musafir (travelers) and locals.

State Mosque in Kuantan Introduces Nonwoven Polypropylene Prayer Mats

Credit: Masjid Sultan Ahmad 1 Kuantan on Facebook

Masjid Negeri Sultan Ahmad 1 or Pahang's State Mosque in Kuantan has recently revealed through their FB post that they will be providing single-use prayer mats made from nonwoven polypropylene!

Funded by local mosque goers, this new invention for the mosque is a useful tool for any travelers who come by to pray. Nonwoven polypropylene is a material used to make masks because it is breathable, non-toxic, water-resistant, light-weight and most importantly, inexpensive!

Credit: Masjid Sultan Ahmad 1 Kuantan on Facebook

Additionally, fabrics made from nonwoven polypropylene can be washed with hot water and be reused again! Though it is not required to pay if you were to take this mat from the mosque, but do take it only if necessary as the mats are limited and subject to availability.

These mats are perfect for travelers who are just stopping by the mosque for awhile and in need of a prayer mat to pray.

Address: Jalan Mahkota, Kompleks Pentadbiran Kerajaan Negeri Pahang, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang

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