This Retail Outlet At Kampong Gelam Sells Rare, Unique Batik Pieces That Is Perfect For Any Occasion (And You Get To Make Your Personalised Piece Too!)


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 29, 2021

Tradition truly never fades, they just get revamped for newer generations, and Ozel’s rare, unique batik pieces are a great reflection of that! Their range of batik wear infuses modernity with traditional techniques to maintain everlasting elegance. The best part? You get to make your own special piece! Go beyond your usual hangout spots in Kampong Gelam and check out their gorgeous range of traditional and contemporary batik wear! ?

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Get Your Wardrobe Upgraded With Rare Batik Pieces From Ozel

Credit: Ozel

Beginning in 2016, this homegrown brand specialises in designing and producing unique batik wear using rare and signature batik fabrics. A trip to a batik museum in Indonesia motivated the founder, Mr Kamal Abdul Razak, to bring this slice of culture back to Singapore! 

Whether you’re looking for songket skirts or sampings, batik scarves, peplum blouses or even a smart batik shirt for men (yes, batik can be worn by both genders!), Ozel has it all! They seamlessly fuse traditional batik and songket designs, which makes it a versatile piece of clothing for all occasions! So now you don’t have to worry about spending too much time (and money) looking for a special outfit for your special occasion! ?

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Credit: Ozel

Credit: Ozel

If you’re looking for activities to do in Kampong Glam, or you're interested to find out more about batik craft, Ozel provides batik workshops too! You can go for a course on batik with their Ozel batik Tulis Experience. For 2 hours, you will be able to understand the processes behind the making of batik, while getting the opportunity to recreate your very own batik art piece with the authentic equipment! Go on and strut your art, you don’t get this anywhere else! Don’t worry if it sounds a little daunting, because this course is perfect for beginners. Plus, there’s a special discount of $5 off if you sign up for the course. This promotion ends on 31  December 2021 and is exclusive to the trail on the app. If you’re still looking for some activities to do in the last week of 2021, this would be a great time to check out Ozel! ?

Credit: Ozel

If you’re looking for a quick course, their 15 minute introduction is perfect for you! For 15 mins, you will learn the history of batik, how it’s made and the deep, significant meanings behind certain batik motifs! Fun fact: Did you know that specific batik motifs represented one’s social status in society in the olden days? ?

You will also be given a demonstration on how to use a batik piece for your everyday use, because it’s simply just that convenient and easy! This session is free for all, but do drop them a message to secure your slot. 

Credit: Ozel

They also have other workshops to make batik-themed products such as tote bags, patchworks and earrings, so check them out too!

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What are you waiting for? Treat yourself or a loved one a unique, rare batik piece from Ozel! Don’t forget to download our FREE Have You Met Kampong Gelam trail to get awesome discounts from selected stores in Kampong Gelam! ? 


Opening hours: 11am-7pm daily

Address: Golden Landmark Shopping Centre, 390 Victoria St, 03-20, 188061

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