Odd-Even Policy For Vehicle In Bali Has Started, Here Are The Locations And How Will This Affect Our Future Trip?


Tiara •  Sep 25, 2021

Can I travel to Bali?

Although Indonesia's borders are yet to be open for international travelers, there are some ongoing talks about reopening Bali for international tourists as soon as October 2021. Check out the full details on this reopening plan in this article.

However, there will be some adjustments for the public activities in Bali. One of them is the odd-even traffic policy.

If you are not familiar yet, this concept aims to reduce congestion in Bali, especially around tourist destinations. Practically, this rule only allows vehicles with a license plate ending with odd numbers to be used on the affected roads on odd calendar dates and vice versa. This rule applies to both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, except for public, logistic, and governmental service vehicles.

If Bali is the first place you wanna go once the border is open, take note of this information below to make your first post-pandemic trip running smoothly!

Roads that affected by the odd-even policy

Sanur, Denpasar

  • Matahari Terbit Beach Access Road
  • Sanur Beach Access Road, from Jalan Hang Tuah
  • Segara Beach Access Road
  • Shindu Beach Access Road
  • Kerang Beach Access Road
  • Semawang Beach Access Road
  • Merta Sari Beach Access Road

Kuta, Denpasar

  • Jalan Pantai Kuta (from the intersection of Jalan Kuta to Jalan Bakung Sari)

Time of rule enforcement

This rule is effective by 25 September 2021 on the mentioned area and valid every Saturday, Sunday, as well as the national and local holidays or festivals. The rule applies twice a day, the first session is from 6.30 AM to 9.30 AM and the second session at 3 PM to 6 PM, all on Bali local time.

Things to note

With this new rule, you might not be as free as it used to while roaming around the streets of Bali. To avoid tickets and inconvenience during your trip, you can pay more attention to these things first.

Vehicle rent

Renting a car or motorcycle is the most popular way to transport within Bali. If you are going in groups, it's best to rent a vehicle and a driver rather than driving on your own. The local driver knows best about the roads that are not affected by the odd-even policy and can use different vehicles according to the dates to transport you.

However, renting a motorcycle is a different story. Since you will be riding on your own, check the route map before going out and drive carefully to avoid getting lost while searching for alternative routes.

Driver's license and vehicle's papers

Don't test your luck by driving without a license. Not only it's dangerous, but the ticket will also cause you so much hassle, from getting your ID seized to pay some fines.

If you need swift transportation during your stay, you can rely on local ride-hailing applications such as GoJek or GrabBike. You just need to sit down and the driver will take you anywhere you want.

The route to the airport

Of course, it's fun to stay in Bali, but missing your flight won't be as much pleasurable. Pay attention to your route to the airport for when your day has come to go home so you can avoid the hassle of being late at rushing to catch your flight.

This odd-even policy is just one of the ways to keep Bali safe and comfortable for everyone. Check out the recent international update while counting your days to departure and be ready to be back to the Island of Goddess.

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