5 Things We Love From The Newly-Opened Starbucks At Gardens By The Bay (You'll Love Too!)


Tiara •  Aug 25, 2021

Starbucks at Gardens By The Bay is brewing!

It's been a while since some of us enjoyed the fresh air of Gardens by The Bay. Surprise, surprise! Now you can enjoy your favorite drink of Starbucks at Gardens By The Bay.

Starbucks has opened its latest outlet at Gardens By The Bay on 8 August (replacing Cafe Crema). Not only that this is the first Starbucks in the botanic garden, but there are also some other things that we love about this new place.

Note: Starbucks Singapore is not halal-certified. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion and if in doubt, seek alternatives.

Spacious indoor

Credit: Starbucks Singapore

Even though dining indoor is not the best option right now, the indoor area of this Starbucks is legit spacious. However, there are only a few seats available, hence this area won't be packed with customers.

It's ideal for a break after a walk in the garden while sipping your coffee in the comfort of the air conditioner.

Outdoor seating

Credit: @flame_aikk

You can always opt to sit outside while enjoying the fresh air. This spot is ideal for a coffee break after a bike ride around the gardens. Bonus: the front side of the outlet is Insta-worthy too!

Lush greenery

Credit: Starbucks Singapore

Given the location, we love the view of the greenery around the outlet. Some scientific research shows that living surrounded by nature and trees is good for the mind. If you are looking for some peace of mind in a more familiar way, hanging out at this Starbuck can be an option.

Actual coffee tree

Credit: Starbucks Singapore

One thing special that we love here is the fact that this Starbucks has an actual coffee tree with ripe coffee cherries. This is where the coffee journey started and seeing your drink in its initial form is not a common sight in a coffee shop. You'll be surprised that these coffee cherries look nothing like coffee beans that we know.

Mini gallery

Credit: @jangjul0205

Another thing that excites us to visit the outlet is the interior. Starbucks at Gardens by The Bay dedicated a wall filled with lush background and paintings of coffee. This mini-gallery instantly becomes the favorite aesthetic photo spot for customers!

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #02-03 Singapore 018953

Phone number: 6993 3677

Opening hours: Mon to Thu 8.30 AM -  9.00 PM, Fri 8.30 AM -  9.30 PM, Sat and Sun 8.00 AM -  9.00 PM.

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