Enjoy Delicious Thai Dishes Like Tom Yum Soup, Chiang Mai Chicken And More At Only $5.70 For A Limited Time Only


Qistina Bumidin •  Jul 27, 2022

You read the headline: Bali Thai is offering you and your foodie gang a Thai feast like no other! This National Day, there’s a special limited-time promotion for your favourite Thai dishes ? We hear those tummies rumbling, so it’s time to check out what your menu will be like! 

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Firstly, it isn’t a Thai feast without the Clear Tom Yum Soup with Chicken. You already know what’s in it, but we’re going to say it anyway because it’s just too tempting ? The traditional Thai herbs lemongrass, galangal, and makrut are used to flavour the brothy, hot, and sour soup ? Add on the chicken chunks, and you’ll be rushing to finish up this addictive broth. Huddle around this comforting bowl of tom yum with your loved ones this holiday - a foodie's dream come true! 

Credit: Katrina Group

Thai chicken dishes are bold and flavourful, and Bali Thai’s Chiang Mai Chicken is just that. The boneless chicken thigh is characterised by crisp, golden skin coated in a beautifully charred marinade of toasted spices and herbs seasoned with fish sauce and honey before it is threaded onto the griller. The dish is served with a dollop of mouthwatering chilli sauce. We want it NOW! ?

Credit: Katrina Group

If you’re a fan of seafood, don’t go without trying the Spicy Sour Steamed Fish with Lemongrass Sauce! It's sour, spicy, and garlicky for a well-balanced flavour: everything we love about Thai food! It is served hot in a raised pan above a fire, so you’ll have it nice and warm throughout your meal ?

Here’s the promotion you’ve been waiting for! When you purchase the Spicy Sour Steamed Fish with Lemongrass Sauce, you’ll enjoy any of these sides at only $5.70: Clear Tom Yum Soup with Chicken (Bowl), Chiang Mai Chicken, Stir Fried Kangkong with Chilli, Mango Salad and Spring Roll! It’s happening from 1st to 12th August 2022 at all Bali Thai outlets islandwide, so mark your calendars NOW! ?

Don’t worry, though, if your foodie buddies aren’t up for Thai: You're in luck because Bali Thai serves up both Thai and Indonesian dishes! You can now get Tom Yum and Nasi Goreng Petai from the same place ? So if you haven’t settled your National Day plans, now you have a special one at Bali Thai! ?

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