These Heartwarming Pictures Of Fajr Prayer On The Brooklyn Bridge Will Put A Smile On Your Face


Tiara •  Sep 06, 2021

How many Muslims live in the United States?

Approximately 3.45 million Muslims are living in the USA. This number makes up about 1.1% of the total USA population. One of the Islamic communities that continues to grow is the one in New York University. This Muslim population gathers under the Islamic Center of New York University (ICNYU).

ICNYU serves a diverse Muslim population in New York and the tri-state area at the heart of lower Manhattan. They provide a safe place for individuals to learn, pray, and socialize.

This community develops a supportive environment through education such as weekly classes, as well as congregational prayers and other programs. One of the most remarkable activities in ICNYU is the Fajr on The Bridge initiative.

Credit: @icnyu_official

This activity is a part of the welcoming week in ICNYU. The students engaged in some agenda, such as congregational prayer, Friday prayers, Islamic lecture, and halal food tour around the campus!

One of the most heartwarming agendas is the congregational Fajr prayer that is held on the Brooklyn bridge.

Credit: ICNYU on Facebook

ICNYU members organize a special trip early in the morning to the Brooklyn bridge. All of the students and the member of ICNYU bring their own prayer mat and praying clothes to the site.

Credit: ICNYU on Facebook

All male and female members of the community can join this activity. The Fajr on The Bridge was held on 1 September 2021 to kick off the welcoming weeks in ICNYU.

This activity is only one of a bunch of agendas they have prepared. They put up the agenda on their website so everyone can join!

Not only Islamic lectures and congregational prayers, but some of the agenda will also take the community for a campus tour, halal food around the neighborhood, and fun activities such as painting and games.

Some of their activities are including halal food, such as boba parties, afternoon tea, and dinner with fellow Muslim communities.

Credit: @icnyu_official

These activities reflect their vision to provide a space for a pluralistic future on and off-campus for American Muslims. ICNYU aspire to be a spiritual and intellectual crossroads of Islam and America while creating a deep and diverse community of ambitions and resources.

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