This Muslim Traveler Shares Secret Facts About Japan’s Hidden Gems


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 28, 2021

Whenever we visit Japan, it’s mainly for three reasons: food, sightseeing and shopping! More often than not, we end up going to the same places that we’ve been to numerous times. This Malaysian woman is proving that there’s more to Japan than our favourite cities and spots!

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Malaysian Zunita Ramli Shares Beautiful Photos Of Hidden Gems In Japan

Credit: @zunita.ramli for Instagram

Zunita Ramli has been based in Saitama, Japan for 4 years now! She’s a multi-hyphenate: working as an official distributor for Meiko Malaysia at Meiko Cosmetics Official, owner and founder of Tokyo Organic, and even an actress for local Japanese shows! She shares her adventures around Japan across her three social media accounts, especially to hidden gems that are less popular for tourists, and also goes into detail about the background and surprising facts of these places! From time to time, she also shares a different side of Japan which only locals may know, and gives tips for Malaysians who wish to move abroad to Japan! ?

Credit: @zunita.ramli for Instagram

We had a look at her profiles, and boy, did we find some really picturesque and interesting places we’re taking down the next time we’re back in the Land of the Sun! ??

Toyota, Aichi

Credit: @zunita.ramli for Instagram

No, we’re not visiting Toyota headquarters. But you’re half-right! This city is in the Aichi prefecture, and is located 35 minutes away from Nagoya by train. While this place may be the birth of the classic car we’ve come to know and use today, Zunita shares that there’s a special place you can visit to see sakura blooms during autumn! How amazing is that? There’s a hill slope in Toyota called Senmi Shikizakura no Sato, which has both red fall leaves AND shikizakura cherry trees (cherry blossom trees)! ?

Credit: @zunita.ramli for Instagram

Sakura season usually starts between March and May, and getting a holiday leave during that period might be a little difficult, so going here during the end of year gets you the BEST of both worlds! She adds that to catch the amazing view, and snap some up for the ‘Gram, you can go up the hill, and see both sakura blooms and red leaves side by side! It’s best to come between mid-November to early December to catch both at its prime! ?

Karasaw Cirque, Nagano

Credit: @zunita.ramli for Instagram

Autumn may have ended, but we simply can’t get over this magical season! If you’re still going for koyo hunting, double up with a hike across one of the most gorgeous spots, Karasawa Cirque at Nagano! Don’t worry, with cool temperatures and breathtaking views (no, we promise, we’re not referring to your pants during your hike), you would be too busy snapping pictures or just getting lost in the beauty to be aware of the 30km hike! ?

Credit: @zunita.ramli for Instagram

It’s a 3D2N trip, and if you’re a beginner like Zunita, you can follow her itinerary! She stayed overnight at Yokoo Sanso, before heading out to Karasawa Cirque in the morning to catch the sunrise. ?

Credit: @zunita.ramli for Instagram

Wow, it’s really true when they say early birds do catch the worms, because the mountains were bathed in orange light, and it’s drop dead gorgeous! How lucky! ?

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Sea Glass Beach, Okinawa

Credit: Zunita Ramli for Facebook

Okinawa is famous for its tropical weather and beautiful beaches, but did you know that they have a specific beach which has colourful sea glass pieces in the sand? The Sea Glass Beach was once a landfill during WW2, and these glass pieces are naturally formed by debris such as used bottles and plates tossed against the sand by the waves!

Credit: Zunita Ramli for Facebook

Apart from being a beauty for the eyes, they are easy on the fingers as well, as their sharp edges have been smoothed out over the years! Zunita shared that to make and shape a single piece, it takes about 30 years, depending on the type of sand, and the consistency of the waves crashing! There truly is beauty beneath the dirt! ?

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If you’re a Malaysian looking to move there, or you’re simply looking to elevate your future Japan trip beyond touristy locations, you have to check out her social media! Also, let us know what shows she’s in! ?

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