6 Muslim-Friendly Restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland For Your Next Adventure


Farah Fazanna •  Nov 03, 2022

If you’re a first-timer to Japan, there’s a good chance you’ll be visiting the famous Tokyo Disneyland! From thrilling rides and meeting Disney characters to exciting parades and cute merchandise, you’re in for the best time of your life as you go on this magical journey! One of the most important things you may ask is if there’s halal food in Tokyo Disneyland. While there are no halal-certified restaurants in the theme park, you can easily find seafood and vegetarian meals, which are Muslim-friendly. To make your journey a breeze, we’ve rounded up a list of halal food that you can find near Tokyo Disneyland.

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1. Muslim-friendly menu at Red Lobster

Replenish the energy you spent screaming on fun rides by dining at Red Lobster at Tokyo Disney Resort. Now offering a Muslim-friendly menu, Muslim travellers can make their way to this eatery that’s situated at Ikspiari, a shopping mall located between Maihama station and the Disney Ambassador Hotel.

Muslim-friendly menu at Red Lobster, Tokyo Disney Resort:

  • Beef bowl
  • Butter chicken curry
  • Vegetable penne

Since Red Lobster is located outside the park, make sure to have your hand stamped when you exit so that you’ll be able to return again later on the same day. Upon re-entry, enter through the admission gates. Do note that a valid park ticket and a handstamp are required upon your return.

Halal status: Muslim-friendly menu available. All ingredients in the Muslim-friendly menu are from halal-certified suppliers and although it’s prepared in the same kitchen as non-halal meals, separate kitchenware is used to prepare the meals. Do note that dining utensils are the same as non-halal meals but you can request for disposable utensils.

2. Pan Galactic Pizza Port

Enjoy the best pizza in the galaxy! There is only one Muslim-friendly menu here — the Seafood Cream Calzone so we’d only recommend patronising the restaurant only if the other restaurants are full or you’re super hungry! However, it’s quite a fun experience as you can watch the manager, Tony Solaroni, operates the pizza-making PZ-5000 machine while taking lots of out-of-this-world orders. Be sure to catch the fully automated pizza-making system while enjoying a delicious slice!

3. Eastside Cafe

Enjoy vegetarian-friendly pasta dishes here! The Eastside Cafe also serves vegetarian courses where you can enjoy a meal in a Victorian-style restaurant. Advance booking is also available so you can skip the queue!

4. Grandma Sara's Kitchen

Everyone knows that Grandma Sara, the sweet old muskrat, makes the best meals in Critter Country. You'll feel right at home in this cozy but spacious restaurant. It's the perfect spot to get some comfort food in you. There are vegetarian dishes such as omurice with seafood cream and crab tomato sauce, corn chowder and cup salad.

5. Great American Waffle Company

One of the best things about Tokyo Disneyland is the Disney-themed food. The Great American Waffle Company serves a Mickey-shaped waffle and drizzled with maple syrup. It makes a great snack!

6. Try out different flavoured popcorn

It’s not very often that you get to try various popcorn flavours but at Tokyo Disneyland, you can find them easily! Do check with the park for the ingredients used as the flavours may change from time to time. If you want to be on the safer side, go for Muslim-friendly flavours like salt or honey-flavoured popcorn.

What makes this delicious popcorn even more tempting is the extremely cool refillable popcorn buckets. Each popcorn cart features different bucket designs, so check out the different carts to find the bucket you like before you make your purchase. 

#HHWTTip: If you plan on getting a few rounds of popcorn, we recommend getting the adorable popcorn buckets as refills are more value for money!

Halal status: While these eateries serve seafood and vegetarian options, do note that cross-contamination may occur since it's prepared in the same kitchen as non-halal meals. Also, we recommend that you check with the staff to confirm that there are no meat derivatives in the food. Dining utensils used are also the same as non-halal meals. We recommend that you dine at your discretion.

And there you have it! The Muslim-friendly restaurants you’ll need for your trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Now that you’re armed with this handy guide, all that’s left to do is to enjoy yourself at “The Happiest Place On Earth”!

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