12 Muslim-Friendly Destinations For A Dream Mother-Daughter Getaway


Shasha Dania •  Mar 02, 2019

[UPDATED: 7th May 2022]

Mother’s Day is today, but the truth is that we don’t need a special occasion to remember how much our mums mean to us ? Especially for us girls, our mums are often our best friends and confidants who give us the best advice and know just how to comfort us when we’ve gotten our hearts broken or discouraged. The older we get, the more we realize how much she’s done for us - and how much we need to show that we love and appreciate her! ?

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Many of us have happy memories of travelling with our mum when we were young, and as we get older and more independent we can finally have the chance to take our mum on a trip of her own to thank her for everything. Forget bringing the whole family along - these 12 destinations are perfect for just you and your mum to relax, reconnect, and rediscover your bond with each other! ?


It may be a bit of a stereotype, but let’s be honest - our mums have taught us that there’s nothing better than a bargain! Mums somehow always have the best tips for getting a good deal, and it’s impressive to see how quick they can snap up something at the best possible price. Now that we’re older, it’s time to treat her to some stress-free retail therapy and put the bargaining tips she’s taught us to good use ?

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is truly a destination for every type of traveller - but this time, we say skip the beach and spend your time there exploring the street markets! There are so many kinds of street markets selling everything from delicious freshly-cooked food to affordable clothes, bags, shoes and accessories ? Start your day visiting a Floating Market for an authentic Thai grilled seafood feast, pop by a megamall in the afternoon for a dazzling mix of international and Asian designer brands at affordable prices, and end your evening at a street market with the best knick knacks and bargain buys. Make sure to buy your mum a sweet treat or two as you explore through the shops - and if you’ve blown your budget and aren’t looking to spend any more, there’s still lots of free things to do to relax and chill out!

2. Bandung, Indonesia

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Bandung is another one of our favourite bargain-hunting spots ? You can get everything here - from gorgeous batiks and outlet malls, to custom-made or tailored goods! And the best part is that you’ll always be able to find a delicious eatery nearby to treat mum to a meal once you’re tired from snapping up those bargains. If if you’re taking things easier and want to cafe-hop a bit - well Bandung has plenty of adorable halal cafes choose from too!

P.S. If you’re not a big fan of shopping, you can still enjoy the best of Bandung’s stunning landscapes outside the rush of the city. Or meet in the middle at these restaurants that have a gorgeous view - treat your mum not only to a meal she’ll never forget but a visual feast too!

3. Seoul, South Korea

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We think Seoul is already one of the best places for a girl’s trip - but instead of going with your girlfriends, why not head there with mum instead! There’s so much to do here, but we think Seoul is actually a hidden gem for bargain shopping ? There are so many budget-friendly markets here selling everything you can think of - and for the ones who really love to bicker and bargain with the shopkeepers, you can visit the Seocho Saturday Flea Market to grab some unbelivable deals! Plus there’s so many things to do around the city and so much good food to enjoy - you and mum definitely won’t want to leave!

4. Hua Hin, Thailand

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If you’ve exhausted from all of the markets in Bangkok and want something more laidback, this coastal town just a short drive away is worth a visit all on its own! Hua Hin is definitely a must-go for more laidback shoppers who like to take in the sights as well. The Cicada Market here is a twist on your usual night market - it focuses on local arts and crafts instead! This is definitely the hippest place to be if you want to pick up some local artisanal goods, handicrafts, and artwork ? Meanwhile retro lovers will adore Plearnwan Village for its old-school vibes and rows of shops - make sure to visit the funfair while you’re there!


Cities are full of energy and excitement, have the widest selection of food, and there’s always a never-ending list of things to see and do  This makes them especially perfect for mums and daughters who have vastly different interests - both of you will definitely be able to find something perfect to do! Plus they’re usually so much easier to get around in compared to more rural areas, making them a convenient stop for endless fun with mum!

5. Osaka, Japan

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Japan has some amazing cities worth a visit, but Osaka is our pick this time! Thrill-seekers will feel at home on the rollercoasters of Universal Studios Japan, or walking the busy neon-lit streets of Dotonbori. And foodies will be glad to hear that the food capital of the country has a growing halal eateries scene full of the most authentic Japanese dishes ?Osaka is also the perfect place for day trips to iconic locations in Kyoto or Nara - imagine bringing mum to see the bright orange gates at Fushimi Inari Taisha, or the floating gate at Miyajima! There’s definitely so much to see here whether you’re staying in Osaka itself or exploring its surroundings.

6. London, England

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London may be on the other side of the world, but it’s definitely a place we want to bring our mums to if we ever get the chance! With a large Muslim community and centuries of history, there’s no shortage of things to see and do. Why not stop for an iconic afternoon tea or visit some of the museums brimming with hundreds of artefacts and exhibits! If you and mum are huge Potterheads, this is also the city to see places you’ll recognize from the films?

P.S. Did you know that London is also the perfect first stop for a European adventure? You can even take a train directly to Amsterdam from there!

7. Melbourne, Australia

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Melboune is another city that’s always on-the-move, full of sights and sounds that will keep both you and mum on your toes. There’s the iconic Great Ocean Road of course, but if you don’t feel like driving you can still explore the city’s best landmarks - and stop for some delicious halal food along the way! A ride around the city on the City Circle Tram will teach you details about Melbourne’s landmarks you never knew before, and Art-lovers will adore the museums and galleries clustered around Federation Square. Plus the halal food scene here is just amazing, with dishes from every cuisine you can imagine! ?

8. Andulasia, Spain

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Ok so technically this isn’t a city on its own but an autonomous region in Spain. Previously under Muslim Moorish rule, cities here such as Cordoba, Granada, and Seville are full of rich Islamic history you won’t find anywhere else! They may be more laidback than the other cities in this list, but being able to learn new things with your mum will be a life-changing experience unlike anything else ? You’ll both get to witness the gorgeous architecture of the Alhambra and the Alcazar Palace - and immerse yourself in the cultural and religious diversity that still exists in this region! The city of Malaga is another must-see especially if you’re a fan of modern art - it's the birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso!

Beach & Nature

When it comes to just disconnecting from the busy world, nothing beats a return to nature. Whether you’re the more adventurous type who enjoys hiking and trekking, or the more laidback type who loves lazing on the beach, these destinations are the perfect place for you and mum to spend some tranquil quality time together away from the busyness of the city.

9. Belitung, Indonesia

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Belitung has been on our travel radars for a while - and for good reason! This island paradise is perfect for a getaway where you and mum can just chill out, relax, and sip soft drinks on the soft sand. For a more luxurious retreat you can always book a glamping resort to get pampered at - or go a step further and put both of your phones away for a digital detox! Disconnecting from your social media won’t be intimidating at all if it means catching up with your best friend ? Plus there’s plenty of nature and wild attractions to get in touch with while you’re there - the Open Pit and Danau Kaolin lake are jaw-dropping sights to see, and you can try to catch the enigmatic Pulau Pasir when it appears at low tide! This is one hidden getaway that you and mum deserve to see ASAP!

10. Hong Kong

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Hong Kong usually isn’t the first place we associate ‘nature’ with, but did you know that there’s at least 8 nature trails scattered around the city perfect for everyone from amateur hikers, to cycling enthusiasts, to bird-watchers? The Dragon’s Back is probably the most famous route, but why not try hiking up Hong Kong’s highest peak Tai Mo Shan! There’s a stunning waterfall you’ll pass on your way up to the peak, and on clear days the bird’s-eye view of the city is out of this world. Who else better to see these jaw-dropping sights with than your mum? ?

P.S. You can always squeeze in some shopping or treat yourselves to a delicious (and halal!) meal after your cycle to reward yourselves for a job well done ?

11. New Zealand

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We couldn't not put a road trip into this list! ? Being on the road with someone can bring out both the good and bad in both of you - but in the end, you'll finish the trip closer than ever. And there's nowhere better for a road trip through New Zealand, which is full of spectacular natural wonders you won't find anywhere else! From the Te Paki Sand Dunes on North Island, to stargazing in Tekapo on South Island, getting close to untouched nature will take your breath away in the best way. Just volunteer to be the driver for the trip, to give mum a break ?

12. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh itself may be a city with lots of history worth exploring within its walls - but we think it's the perfect spot for history buffs who still want to experience the beauty of nature nearby. There are some amazing day trips you can take out of Ho Chi Minh to see sights such as the rainforests of Phu Quoc, or the stunning sand dunes of Mui Ne. There's also the Bach Ma and Bu Giap Ma National Parks to visit, where you can truly feel rejuvenated amongst the lush trails and gorgeous water features ? This balance of natural sights and the busy city are what make Ho Chi Minh (and the rest of Vietnam itself!) an amazing place to visit - you're never too far away from the comforts of the city, even when you're exploring the beauty of untouched nature. Plus you can get some delicious halal dishes in Ho Chi Minh itself, making it a really good base to refuel before and after your trips out of the city limits!

Bonus: Hajj/Umrah

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Mecca is definitely the ultimate destination you could bring your mum to! Being able to travel there is life-changing enough, but doing so with one of the people you love the most is truly humbling and unforgettable. Performing umrah is a challenging experience, and being able to rely on each other throughout it will surely bring you closer than ever before ?

As we get older, it can be difficult to find time to catch up with our mum or to spend dedicated quality time away from deadlines and work and everything else we want to get done. Setting aside a few days or even a week to travel with mum is one way to reconnect with her after some time apart, and we hope that your bond will only grow stronger once the trip is over ❤️