This Halal Food Court Stall In Singapore Sells Fresh Oysters From $8 And Other Seafood Delights


Syahirah •  Aug 18, 2022

Any seafood lover would know a good oyster when they see (and taste) one! While Singapore is rich in seafood and seafood dishes, there are only so few places where you can enjoy halal oysters that are not in fancy hotel buffets. ? Believe it or not, you can actually get fresh oysters from a food court in Yishun called Bagus! Monster Chilli Grilled Fish & BBQ Seafood is the stall that offers all the seafood delights you’ll ever crave for and more. 

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Credit: Screenshot from @F on TikTok

Located at Northpoint Mall in Yishun, Monster Chilli Grilled Fish & BBQ Seafood (which we will refer to as ‘Monster Chilli’ ?), is a store that sells delicious local fare but specialises in (spicy sambal) seafood dishes! Found in Bagus Food Court, the bright green store will definitely catch your attentiion.

Credit: Screenshot from @F on TikTok

You wouldn’t be so quick to assume that this place sells fresh oysters, but it definitely does. Try their Fresh Oyster Sashimi or their 3 grilled oyster options including Sambal, Garlic and Cheese. You could even get the 3-in-1 Grilled Oysters to taste all three flavours! ?We recommend you get the Cheese Oysters that taste so creamy. As first-time oyster eaters, you can’t go wrong with the Fresh Oysters - they’re tender and come with lemon wedges and Tabasco sauce for an extra kick! 3 oysters are $8.80, and 6 oysters are $16.80. It’s worth the trip to get some tasty and affordable oysters in a casual dining setting. ?

Credit: Screenshot from @F on TikTok

While oysters won’t keep you full for long, you must try some of Monster Chilli’s other seafood dishes like their Asam Pedas, Fish Head Curry, Ikan Sambal and much more! Not to mention that they’re perfect for sharing, so do bring along your family and friends. ?And don’t forget to try their ALL DAY Promotion on their fried items like Sambal Mee Goreng, Sambal Nasi Goreng and more. You can choose the size you want too ($5.80 / $9.80) and even add on a Fresh Oyster for $1.90 (U.P. $3 per piece)! ?

So what’re you waiting for? Make some meal plans with your loved ones to visit Monster Chilli Grilled Fish & BBQ Seafood @ Bagus Northpoint and enjoy delicious seafood dishes and fresh oysters at affordable prices! 

Monster Chilli Grilled Fish & BBQ Seafood @ Bagus Northpoint

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Northpoint City South Wing, #02-101/102/103

Opening hours: Open daily; 9AM-10PM