Indonesian Muslim Community In Japan Builds New Mosque In Koga, Tokyo's Neighbour To The North


Ili •  Jul 21, 2021

This article was originally written by Tiara Fitriyani. You can read the original story in Bahasa Indonesia here.

Masjid NU At Taqwa: The New Mosque In Koga Ibaraki, Tokyo's Northern Neighbour

Japan is a destination that remains close to the hearts of Muslim travellers everywhere. From the incredible local gems to halal Japanese food, we can't help but wish that we'll get to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun again once the pandemic is over.

masjid Nu di Jepang

Credit: @pcinujepang on Instagram

If you've been to popular destinations like Tokyo or Osaka, finding a prayer space is easy thanks to places like Tokyo Camii Mosque and Osaka Masjid. However, the task gets a lot trickier when venturing into less populated prefectures which is why news about the new mosque in Koga Ibaraki is exciting!

masjid NU di Jepang
Credit: @pcinujepang on Instagram

Located an hour north of Tokyo, Masjid NU At Taqwa was an initiative of Nadhlatul Ulama - an Indonesian Islamic organization. Community members of the organization and other Muslim society members helped by building the mosque and pitching in with monetary contributions. The entire process was overseen and coordinated by the Nadhatul Ulama Special Branch Management (PCINU) of Japan - and after more than a month of construction, the mosque was inaugurated on July 20, 2021 which came just in time with Eid al-Adha!

masjid NU di Jepang
Credit:@pcinujepang on Instagram

Through the spirit of collaboration, the Indonesian Muslims in Koga Ibaraki now have a designated space where the community can pray together ? Masjid NU At Taqwa is currently open to receiving donations to help with additional renovations and expansion for parking purposes. If you'd like to contribute, you can do so through the following channels:


Account: JP Post Bank Lazisnu (10160 - 74152901)

Confirm via Line or WhatsApp to +81-90-8342-4390 on behalf of Akhmad Munir


Bank Syariah Indonesia (bank code: 451)

No. Rec. 715 077 9698 (a.n. Erika Herliana)

Confirm via WhatsApp to +81-80-3432-7359 on behalf of Wahyu Purnomo.